GLOBHE is a Swedish startup connected to a global network. At GLOBHE we like to think that we are more than a startup - we like to think of GLOBHE as a movement using drones and emerging technologies to solve problems for people and the planet. We emphasize on Swedish values of sustainability, digitisation, diversity, and world class innovation. By doing so GLOBHE is constantly searching for and applying the newest technologies in ways that are transformative for our eco-system which includes our clients, partners, the environment and ourselves.


GLOBHE is applying the best drone technologies in a way that dramatically improves the operations of our clients. We also happen to make the world a better place while doing so. All the while being driven by the need to constantly innovate and act sustainably.


GLOBHE was founded by Helena Samsioe, "A top woman to watch in the global drone industry". The reason behind the nomination, and the reason behind GLOBHE, is the possibility to use drones to change the world for the better. At GLOBHE we believe the future of possible is already here. We are using drones to disrupt, innovate and shape a better future.

Like all things great, the idea behind GLOBHE sprung from personal experience and interest. Helena spent a lot of time in Eastern Africa growing up, a region where drones could really make a difference through the provision of new perspectives, real time information, or even provide faster cargo transportation. She saw concrete challenges and opportunities that she later applied solutions to during her studies and work in the United States and Sweden. There was a great need for a global drone service provider - GLOBHE was born.

Today GLOBHE is helping our clients get access to new perspectives, information and solutions, while creating a better planet at the same time. Our clients range from some of the largest humanitarian organizations to some of the most notable corporations in the world. Working with diverse clients across industries give us a unique capacity to rethink and overcome challenges – the sky is the limit!