When roads are no option. 

DRONEED helps companies & organisations get started with medical cargo deliveries by drones. By doing so we are maximizing value & efficiency for our clients, while bringing healthcare to the hardest to reach places. 

DRONEED is a result from rigorous testings in real life scenarios together with world leading drone tech manufacturers, end users ranging from private companies to large humanitarian organisations & local communities. Today we offer a drone delivery service that caters to the real needs out there. 

Start using DRONEED & get access to

  • Regulatory information
  • Customized roll out plan
  • Drones & Flight Control System
  • Cargo boxes with temperature monitoring
  • UTM System
  • Test flights & training

GLOBHE & HemoCue, a world leading diagnostics company, have partnered to improve access to diagnostic services by delivering point of care testing devices by drones to hard to reach areas.


Why drone delivery?

Reach more places

Save lives


Save money

Faster deliveries

Save time

Save the environment



A complete get started package for our clients specific needs

Regulatory information

Drones & Flight control system


UTM System

Customized roll out plan

Cargo boxes with temperature monitoring

Test flights & training



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