GLOBHE partners with IBM to test drones and AI

GLOBHE in collaboration with IBM will be testing drones for connectivity, data transfer and early warning systems, as part of the UNICEF drone project in Malawi and at the Urban ICT Arena in Stockholm.

Drones have the potential to act as Wi-Fi hot spots and help spread network coverage to improve communication and data transfer in areas where power lines or cellular towers may not be working properly. GLOBHE and IBM will connect drones to the IBM Bluemix Platform, including Watson, IBM’s supercomputer that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and sophisticated analytical software for optimal performance as a “question answering” machine. Together GLOBHE and IBM will teach Watson how to recognise flooding and drought from near-real-time drone images to serve as early warning systems.

As previously announced, GLOBHE will also be collaborating with HemoCue in Malawi, to speed up diagnostic services to last mile areas by using drones for medical cargo delivery including point of care testing devices and supplies. GLOBHE will be using drones from four of our drone partners; DJI, Ucandrone, Skarl and ALTI.

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