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identifAI quickly collects, analyses, visualises & shares large amounts of image-based drone data between drone pilots & end users globally to better prevent and respond to disasters

We collect your data

GLOBHE currently has verified drone pilots in 48 countries across the Americas, Europe, Africa, Central and Southeast Asia and the Pacific Region who collect your data on demand. 


We analyse your data

Your data is then securely transferred to the identifAI cloud where it is processed through our platform according to your specifications. Through the identifAI platform you are able to make requests of what your organisation needs and our AI technology automatically identifies points of interest relevant to your organisation. 

We visualise your data

Download your data in a variety of standardised formats capable of being used with all major GIS tools or use our platform to visualise project results for your team.

IdentifAI has been developed to identify natural disaster areas and disease outbreak areas more precisely than ever before, but multiple use cases possible. In post disaster settings our technology provides organisations with insights into the current on-the-ground situation faster and in more detail than comparable technologies.

Now you can make operational decisions faster than ever before – when and where it is really needed.

Right now our drones around the world are busy creating..

How it works

Price and Time

Small Medium Large
Total Area (hectares) >1000 1000-4900 5000<
Collection time * 1 day 1-3 days 3 days +

Per hectare

USD 3 USD 2.50 USD 2
Pilot hire From USD 350/day From USD 330/day From USD 310/day
Drone equipment hire From USD 150/day From USD 130/day From USD 110/day
Priority + ++ +++
Processing time (1000 hectares) 1-3 days less than 24 hrs Less than 18 hrs
AI Analysis
AI Analysis CUSTOM 10% discount 15% discount
Visualisation CUSTOM 10% discount 15% discount
3D Mesh

* General collection time. Could differ depending on weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

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