We are on a mission to create a better future with drones.

We have come together from across the world with different skill sets but share the same passion

We have introduced the good drone revolution.

We are only at the beginning of whats possible!

We transport emergency medical supplies to hard to reach areas in minutes instead of hours, and give our clients access to real time information that guides their operations.



New Perspectives. New Possibilities.

Try out identifAI today – GLOBHE’s unique drone & AI service provides you with the insights you need in close to real time. No human analysis required.

We collect

We analyse


We visualise

We believe in the power of visualisation.

We believe in the power of showing our clients what reality looks like instead of telling them.

It’s a roof

It’s water


It’s drought

It’s a road

It’s flooded

It’s a wildfire


Sq km analysed

Different places

Valuable insights

Drone pilots


Drone images captured



Stay tuned.


Get in touch.