Helena Samsioe, Founder and CEO of GLOBHE, was selected as 1 of 10 winners of the Swedbank “Rivstart” Award. The award of SEK 250 000 is to support entrepreneurs in fulfilling social impact business ideas. Swedbank received 4321 applications for the award so we are happy to announce that our founder was among the selected top 10!

The jury consisted of well known names such as former Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations Jan Eliasson, the CEO of Swedbank Birgitte Bonnesen, Director of Stockholm Resilience Centre Johan Rockström,  Founder of Footway Sara Wimmercranz, and former manager for Avicii, Arash Pournouri.


Who are the women disrupting, innovating and shaping the future of the UAS industry? Today Women And Drones and Drone360 present nine individuals to be honored on the inaugural “Women to Watch in UAS” list. Out of 110 strong candidates worldwide – GLOBHE is happy to announce that our CEO Helena Samsioe made the top list and was announced as the winner of the humanitarian drone category.

“These women and their organizations are impacting the evolution and application of drone technology around the world; they truly are Women to Watch,” said Tim Kidwell, Editor in Chief of Drone360. “The variety of applications of UAS technology is truly incredible. We hope that, by raising awareness of the strength and vision of these women, we’ll encourage others in the UAS industry as well as other sciences to give women equal opportunities to innovate and succeed.”

Read the Press release and more here

New addition to the GLOBHE Team

We welcome Godfrey Masauli on board our team!  Godfrey is now serving as country manager for GLOBHE in Malawi and will be responsible for our operations in the humanitarian drone corridor. Godfrey has a long background within aviation, he became Malawi’s first paraglider pilot in 2011 and in 2013 he became Malawi’s first drone pilot. Godfrey also holds a commercial pilot licence in general aviation. His dream is to bring more positive change to people through a combination of aviation and anthropology. He is a big inspiration to the Malawi youth and a great asset to GLOBHE!

GLOBHE to host humanitarian drone exhibition

This fall GLOBHE will kick off “humanitarian drone stories”, a unique drone exhibition that will showcase our work in the humanitarian drone corridor in Malawi, show the public what’s possible to do within the “drones for good” scope, and inspire young people to get into the drone service industry. The drone exhibition is scheduled to be shown in Stockholm, New York and Blantyre. Stay tuned for more details!

Happy summer from GLOBHE!

We wish everyone a happy summer and look forward to a fall filled with exciting drone projects! GLOBHE will keep working in the humanitarian drone corridor in Malawi, kick off a drone exhibition at our Urban Drone Lab in Stockholm, and start a new project in California. Stay tuned for details!

Successful launch of Malawi humanitarian drone corridor

The humanitarian drone corridor in Malawi has been launched and GLOBHE succesfully demonstrated medical cargo delivery via drones in collaboration with HemoCue, and drones for wifi connectivity, mapping and AI in collaboration with IBM. GLOBHE looks forward to develop the partnerships and possibilities further during the upcoming months.


                                                       HemoCue drone kit ready for delivery


Children lined up to watch the GLOBHE drones

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GLOBHE in Malawi

GLOBHE is in Malawi to fly drones to spread wifi connectivity, test drones + AI to act as early warning systems for flooding and wildfires, and transport medical cargo by drones in the newly established humanitarian drone corridor run by the Malawi Government and UNICEF. GLOBHE is honoured to be a part of this groundbreaking development!

globhe wifi password
GLOBHE is testing wifi connectivity via drones in Malawi
hemocue drone kit
GLOBHE is transporting diagnostic drone kits for HemoCue in Malawi
GLOBHE is testing drones and AI to warn for wildfires and flooding via IBM Watson