GLOBHE in Malawi


GLOBHE is in Malawi to fly drones to spread wifi connectivity, test drones + AI to act as early warning systems for flooding and wildfires, and transport medical cargo by drones in the newly established humanitarian drone corridor run by the Malawi Government and UNICEF. GLOBHE is honoured to be a part of this groundbreaking development!

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GLOBHE partners with IBM to test drones and AI

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GLOBHE in collaboration with IBM will be testing drones for connectivity, data transfer and early warning systems, as part of the UNICEF drone project in Malawi and at the Urban ICT Arena in Stockholm. Drones have the potential to act as Wi-Fi hot spots and help spread network coverage to improve communication and data transfer in areas where power lines or cellular towers may not be working properly. GLOBHE and IBM…

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GLOBHE selected for UNICEF humanitarian drone corridor


GLOBHE is honoured to have been selected to test connectivity and cargo transportation by drones in the UNICEF humanitarian drone corridor in Malawi. The Government of Malawi and UNICEF have announced the establishment of an air corridor to test potential humanitarian use of unmanned aircraft systems. The corridor is the first in Africa and one of the first globally with a focus on humanitarian and development use.

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