When you need to see the bigger picture. 

identifAI collects, analyse & visualise drone photos as digital maps. identifAI helps our clients get a fast understanding of what reality looks like so they can make more informed decisions when & where it really matters. 

identifAI is being used globally in disaster prevention & response helping our clients save lives, save time & save money. 

The cloud-based image analysis & sharing platform is designed to store, analyse & quickly share large amounts of image-based data between drone pilots & end users globally – in a fast, simple & scalable way!

Subscribe to identifAI & get access to

  • A global network of drone pilots
  • Drone data collection for your business/organisation providing the basis of sound, economic decision making
  • Drone data analysis using AI & GIS
  • Drone data visualisation – visualising key insights for your business/organisation in a Google Maps format.  

identifAI = drones + automatic object detection

By combining drones & AI we are visualising answers for our clients faster,

enabling them to save lives, save time & save money. 

It’s a house

It’s water


It’s drought

It’s a road

It’s flooded

It’s a wildfire


How identifAI is being used

Flooding response

Disease outbreak response


Damage assessment

Wildfire response

Environmental monitoring

Infrastructure inspection


Drone data on demand!

Our drone images & maps from global locations help our clients make more informed decisions. Let us know what you need & we’ll send out a drone to get it for you. 

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