Come help us create a better future with drones. We always want to hear from passionate change makers.

GLOBHE’s Global Drone Network

We have teamed up with drone pilots from across the world who share our passion of using drones to create a better future. In that way we can get the job done in more places, faster.

Do you want to represent GLOBHE in your country and become part of something bigger?

Life at GLOBHE

At GLOBHE we are creating a better future through our drone services. We have launched the good drone revolution & are changing the way the world looks at drones!

GLOBHE is a startup with lots of things happening, so a traditional work environment with a set work description is difficult to offer. Your day could be spent behind the desk or you could be out flying somewhere in the world. But until we have drones that will do admin & other less exciting tasks for us – you will need to dig in when & where you’re needed. Working at a drone startup is not all about fun – but at the end of the day you still have the most exciting job amongst your friends!

We are a small core team connected to a big global partner network. When we look for new team members a good CV won’t hurt but it’s all about the right person with the right passion! Is that you?

Our Partners



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