At GLOBHE we are currently looking for two magic interns: Marketing Intern & Finance Intern for a period of approx 6 months.

We are a startup with lots of things happening, so a traditional work environment with a set work description is difficult to offer, but we can tell you this:

We are looking for someone:

  • With lots of positive energy, passion, and creative ideas.
  • Someone with marketing & graphic design skills and someone with accounting & finance skills.
  • A "hunter", that will hunt for new projects and set up crowdfunding campaigns.
  • Someone who appreciates the high and lows, some days might be very busy, other days very slow.
  • A "dig in" attitude - working with drones might sound like all fun - but until we have drones for admin we will need you for that and less exciting tasks as well.

The internship is unpaid so it will not give you $ but it will give you:

  • The opportunity to be part of developing a tech startup.
  • A creative work environment at one of Stockholm's newest startup hubs.
  • A "global office", we work internationally and you will be dealing with people from all over the world.
  • The chance to build a lifelong network and take the next step in your career.
  • The chance to be hired by GLOBHE after your internship.

Interested? Drop us an email & tell us about yourself. We are primarily looking for the right person, but a CV won't hurt. We are flexible in discussing full time or part time options, and you don't necessarily have to be working from our Stockholm office.