creating A better future with drones!

Thousands of drones are flying around in our skies everyday. Never before have we had access to so much data. Never before have we had access to feasible sky delivery when roads are no option. 

At GLOBHE we saw the huge potential of utilising this momentum to create solutions for people & the planet, when & where they really matter. Today we are using drones as tools to solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges, while improving our clients operations at the same time.

From small beginnings in Stockholm, Sweden – GLOBHE’s core values are – sustainability, world class innovation, social impact, diversity, curiosity, partnership & co-creation. In this way we view ourselves as leaders of a movement rather than a startup.


Fearless Leaders

We are a team of innovators, creators, tech geeks & social impact believers, but above all we are a team of dreamers & doers, who have come together from across the world to fulfill one mission – create a better future with drones!

Helena Samsioe

Helena Samsioe

CEO & Founder

Ben Chatwin

Ben Chatwin

COO & Biz Dev

Praveen Vunnam

Praveen Vunnam

Product Developer

Therese Persson

Therese Persson

AI Developer

Lars Albertsson

Lars Albertsson

Tech Advisor

GLOBHE’s global drone NETWORK

We have teamed up with drone pilots from across the world who share our passion of using drones to create a better future. In that way we can get the job done in more places, faster. 

Do you want to represent GLOBHE in your country & become part of something bigger?

Drone Pilots


GLOBHE was founded by Helena Samsioe, who has been named “Europe’s Top 50 Women in Tech” by Forbes, ranked among the top 10 women in the drone industry & referred to as the “Drone Queen” on BBC. The reason behind the nominations & the reason behind GLOBHE is the possibility to use drones to create a better future. At GLOBHE we believe the future of possible is already here. We are using drones & artificial intelligence to disrupt, innovate & shape a better future.

Like all things great, the idea behind GLOBHE sprung from personal experience & interest. Helena’s parents worked as doctors globally when she grew up & she got to spend a lot of time in Africa & Asia, regions where drones could really make a difference through the provision of new perspectives, real time information, or even provide faster medical cargo deliveries. She saw concrete challenges & opportunities that she later applied solutions to during her studies & work in the United States & Sweden. There was a great need for a global drone service provider that used the drone as a tool to create a better future – in 2015 GLOBHE was born. 

Today our clients range from some of the largest humanitarian organisations to some of the most notable corporations in the world. Working with diverse clients across industries give us a unique capacity to rethink & overcome challenges – the sky is not the limit!



Askrikegatan 11

115 57 Stockholm  Sweden

+46 702 58 75 72