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Disaster Impact Maps

We help you see where the latest natural disaster struck, the damage it created, the roads that are not accessible and how to get to the people in need. 

Useful for

  • Emergency Response
  • Governments
  • Humanitarian Organisations
  • Insurance Companies
  • Construction Companies
  • Logistics Companies
  • Telecom Companies

Disease Impact Maps

We help you see where people live in a disease outbreak area and where potential contagious sites are located, such as water, latrines and malaria mosquito breeding sites. 

Useful for

  • Governments
  • Humanitarian Organisations
  • Healthcare Companies
  • Water and Sanitation Companies
  • Research Institutes
  • International Organisations

Environmental Impact Maps

We help you see changes at land and at sea, we help you find pollution and we help you identify dry and flood prone areas early to build resilience and avoid future disasters. 

Useful for

  • Agriculture Companies
  • Aquaculture Companies
  • Forestry Companies
  • Environmental Agencies
  • Research Institutes
  • International Organisations
  • Governments


Get a New Perspective 

Order, analyse & share drone maps between drone pilots & end users globally to better prevent & respond to disasters. 

“Many talk about tech for good, few practice what they preach. GLOBHE is doing it for real

David Roldan, Head of Google Cloud Startups

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UN Innovation Office New York


“These drones are saving lives”

BBC World Hacks




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