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The world’s premier marketplace for on-demand drone data. The data you need for the planet you love.

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We just get it.

The data you need for the planet you love. The world’s premier marketplace for on-demand drone data.

Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, South Iceland, Vik village
Globhe Marketplace Platform - interface

We just get it.

From the Himalayas to Machu Picchu we got your back. When you need drone data, ranging from Digital twins and DEMs, from any sensor such as LiDAR, or Multispectral to RGB, we just get it. And we get it anywhere on Earth.

Globhe, short for Global Health, has a vision to one day picture a thriving planet with thriving communities. Our marketplace connects organizations that need drone data, with local and professional drone operators anywhere. A collective movement pushing for progress, rooted in the belief that data is a cornerstone of creating a habitable world for all. That's Crowddroning® by Globhe.

One interface

Through years of industry experience we have fine-tuned our platform to meet the needs of our clients, so you can tap into 11'000 operators in 146 countries through one single interface.


Flexibility to take on complex technical assignments, small simple missions or global drone data collection projects with the most demanding requirements.


Scale nationally, globally, to new segments or just make the data collections more efficient to do more faster. With 11'000 operators at your fingertips.


Standardizing pricing, delivery, and workflows to make sure our clients experience an efficient and effective drone data delivery matched to their systems.

Technical know-how

With nearly 10 years in the drone industry we have deep technical know-how on GIS and BIM drone data applications, and have developed our platform to meet the toughest scenarios.

Quality control

We work tirelessly to make sure we deliver above your expectations through rigorous quality control throughout the entire value chain.

How it works



Specify locations, data products, and other industry-specific parameters, through the platform, or our API.



We match you against relevant operators collecting the data.



When the order is completed your data set will be sent directly to you in the agreed-upon format(s). More about our API integrations.

Operators near you.

We make sure we minimize travels, maximize local job opportunities and build local communities all while providing you the critical and high quality drone data you need. Our expert drone operators are Licensed, Certified and vetted to deliver to the highest of standards. And they know their way around.
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Create a data request by specifiying locations, data sets and other industry specific parameters.



We match you against relevant operators and when you’re ready select an operator to perform the mission.



When the mission is completed your data set till be sent directly to you in the agreed upon format(s).


Globhe's marketplace platform allows you to get drone data from where you need it, when you need it. Streamline your drone data pipeline without dealing with multiple vendors, regulations, and workflows. Quality controlled, professional operators with local knowledge - all in one platform.
We just get it.

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Globhe Marketplace Platform - interface

Get data

Scalable, standardized and integrateable with your favorite GIS or BIM software. One platform, all the data.

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Get drone data, anywhere starting from $8.15 per hectare
  • Order data at any frequency, one time or on a recurring basis
  • Free API
  • Operators near your AOI. 11,000 drone operators in 146 countries
  • Unlimited number of locations in one single order
  • All sensor types and drone data deliverables imaginable
  • Orders range from linear, aerial or asset based
  • No minimum AOI
  • Flexible polygons (holes allowed)
  • Standardized pricing globally

Map, inspect or create digital twins? We got your back!

Task a drone GLOBHE Marketplace
Pricing & Coverage
Data library
70TB of drone data
  • Over 70TB of already captured data
  • Data from over 145 countries
  • A fraction of the cost of custom data
  • Get parts or all of the data in one go
  • Easy sharing

Great for training of AI, machine-learning and change detection.

Archive data GLOBHE Data Library
Explore our data
Tailored to your enterprise
  • For challenging data collections and complex inspections
  • Over 11,000 drone operators in 146 countries
  • Customized security solutions to your needs
  • Dedicated customer success manager and onboarding process
  • Integrations with your software through APIs
  • Custom apps

For organizations with more complex data acquisition needs.

Tailored solution GLOBHE Enterprise
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Prices vary depending on the area, data product, and region. Create a free account and get your price.


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Solar park mapping
Cyprus, Svea Solar

GLOBHE's marketplace collected drone data digital elevation models from Cyprus in preparations of future solar farms.

The precision achieved with drones helps determine the best placement of panels to maximize efficiency.

Once a solar power installation is completed, drones help maintain the panels by performing routine inspections to identify potential risks, damage, or faulty cells.

Carbon & Environmental Monitoring
OpenForest, West Sumatra

What our client say about the Globhe Marketplace:
"GLOBHE helps our users enhance the environmental ground-truthing of their projects with high-resolution drone images that integrate seamlessly into our platform, increasing both transparency and engagement."

United Nations
Innovation Office

Crowddroning by GLOBHE helps the United Nations strengthen natural disaster prevention and response.

Wind turbine blade inspections
in 8 countries

Globhe's marketplace have streamlined software companies within wind turbine blade inspection processes, achieving significant time savings of up to 50% enhancing the overall maintenance and performance of wind turbines, empowering the transition to renewable energy sources.

Globhe drone operators in action
West sumatra drone image
Wind turbine blade inspection - drone imagery

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Get some facetime with our experts and take a closer look at our platform. Learn how to access our vast network of drone operators anywhere in the world. We look forward to seeing you.

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Access over 11,000 drone operators in 146 countries collecting high-resolution drone data. Custom drone data on-demand at your fingertips.