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The world's premier on-demand drone data marketplace

Platform features

Fast, reliable, and trusted by global organizations, collecting game-changing data for you at scale.

Easy order management

Order drone data from anywhere through our powerful platform with best-in-class UX and UI.

Set up order automation on single or multiple sites in one go, either by .kml files, .csv files, or by drawing on the map. Easily repeat orders to your needs.

Track & review orders

Easily manage, track, and trace your orders and data delivery process in your personalized dashboard.

Get notified about your order status, view, and interact with the captured data in the platform.

Effortless data sharing

Share the material with your team in a few clicks, or integrate directly with Mapbox®.

Project management is made infinitely easier across all technical and non-technical teammates.

API integration

Developer-friendly and robust API integrations with your in-platform applications, built upon industry standards.

Unlimited data set requests through your app. Automatically receive your data as soon as it's captured.

Read more about our API here

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Platform updates and status

Truly global marketplace

Scale your operations globally, or utilize our platform to make your current capturing more efficient.

  • Scalability through a single automated platform
  • Easily repeat orders, or schedule recurring flights
  • Add multiple locations in one order (multiple KML-files) for faster ordering and management. Ideal for inspection projects

Quick turnaround times

Advanced and automated platform, we respond to data inquiries and send out drone operators within hours of the request.

  • Industry-leading response times, both on quoting and delivery
  • Repeat orders, or order flights with a custom frequency saving you hours of work
  • Track and share progress with your team and make project management a breeze

Transparent pricing

Through our global reach, long experience, and thousands of missions, we have gathered an extensive database of drone operators, ensuring they have the right equipment, licensing, and background.

  • Pricing backed by long industry experience with thousands of global missions
  • Trusted by some of the world's largest organizations
  • Broad industry knowledge in a vast array of industry verticals

Order drone data effortlessly

Automated ordering and customized frequency

Manage your order through a few clicks, selecting the location(s), the recurrence of the mission, and what data deliverables you are looking for.
The platform handles the rest.

Save days or even weeks of work

Upload multiple locations in one order, and we scale with your operations. No matter how many locations you want to monitor, inspect or map, we have you covered. Request as many sites as you want in one single order.

Streamlined process

You submit your order, and our platform connects you with thousands of operators, and we get started collecting your data within hours.

Track and review orders

Personalized dashboard

Once you create an account with Globhe, you get a personalized account where you can track, review, edit, and download all assets produced. Easy, just like it should be.

Real-time status updates

Our timelines show you in real-time the status of your order to make you in control of your data collection.

Book a  demo

Get some facetime with our experts and take a closer look at our platform. Learn how to access our vast network of drone operators anywhere in the world. We look forward to seeing you.

Share data with ease

View your data right in our platform - saving you hours of work

We have made significant progress in our in-app data visualization. Instead of having to download the data and upload it onto another platform to view, access the data directly on our platform.

Improved sharing & collaboration

Share data within your teams and stakeholders in the blink of an eye through our integrated share function, or invite them straight into the platform as team members. We also have integrated Mapbox® for easy sharing.

API integrations

Connect to Globhe's platform

Our API is developed to ensure you can integrate our data collection into your app and create your own solutions.

Set up your automation and enable improved efficiencies

Automate order workflows, integrate with your applications and unlock synergies to drive growth at scale. Enhanced data collection through our API scales your operations with effective drone data acquisition management.

Receive the data in your servers as soon as they are delivered

Avoid long download and upload times and get the data sorted in your folders as soon as it is ready.

Screenshot of developer documentation website at Globhe for how to Order Drone Data through our API
3D Point Cloud

Data library

We have collected over 70TB of data stored in our library. Perfect for machine learning (ML) and to train your Artificial Intelligence (AI) or map change detection - we got you covered on detailed, high-resolution drone data from all over the world, in many industries.

Three drone data maps illustrated

Data deliverables

Access the plenitude of data formats we deliver, both standard and specialized formats, for any drone data application area. We also work with third-party platforms and specialists for rarer formats and individual processing.

Most common formats:

  • 2D Orthomosaic maps
  • 3D maps and Point Clouds
  • Digital Terrain Models (DTM)
  • Digital Surface Models (DSM)
  • Topographic map
  • Source files (RAW files)
  • Multispectral (NDVI)
  • Hyperspectral
  • Infrared (IR)
  • LiDAR data
  • 360° panoramas

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Access over 11,000 drone operators in 146 countries collecting high-resolution drone data. Custom drone data on-demand at your fingertips.