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Our vision

One day we picture a thriving planet with thriving communities.

Globhe is more than a place to work.

We are a team of change-makers and truth-tellers. We don't shy away from innovators, creators, tech geeks, and social impact believers, but above all, we are a team of dreamers and doers. GLOBHE is a startup on a mission to create a better future with drones. We are a small core team connected to a global network of drone operators redefining the use of drones. At GLOBHE, we are firm believers that the future of possibility is already here, and we are passionate about using innovative technology and collaborations to show it. We value an impressive CV, but it’s all about the right attitude and passion at the end of the day.

Team Globhe in Action
Working at Globhe

We've built a lively remote work culture that emphasizes regular personal interaction. Our core team is small and spread out around the world. Work-life balance is essential, and we strive to ensure everyone has enough time for family, friends, exercise, hobbies, and mental health. In our opinion, a happy and healthy team is an essential ingredient to finding creative solutions to the challenges we're trying to solve. We don't value the "working 9-5" at the office attitude, but we love creativity, passion, and getting things done.GLOBHE is committed to building a diverse and actively inclusive work environment that makes our team an excellent home for everyone. If you have a dog, the GLOBHE office is its second home.

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We always want to hear from passionate change makers. Contact us even if there is no open position, because we might create one if we are convinced you're the one we need.