This is Globhe

Our mission

Leading organizations to make better decisions through drone data.

Businesses, governments, organizations, and researchers worldwide use Globhe’s high-resolution drone data to scale their operations, increase efficiency, and lower costs by gaining valuable insights before making decisions.

Through our crowd of over 8000 local drone operators, we collect high-resolution drone data from over 134 countries. A collective movement pushing for progress.

Globhe has a massive mission ahead. We save lives, fight climate change, and create a more sustainable future. And our solution is quite simple: Drone Data

Letter from the founder

It’s every entrepreneur’s moral obligation to address today’s global challenges. It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s also an enormous business opportunity. At GLOBHE we realized that one image, from one drone, in one location said so much about the reality and the state of our environment. What if we could tap into thousands of drones, in thousands of locations and make those insights available to decision makers that can make a difference. So we did. Today I am proud to say that we help guide organizations like the United Nations and the World Bank, alongside some of the world’s largest corporations. We do it for our clients, but as importantly for people and the planet. And we will continue doing so until the day we picture a thriving planet with thriving communities.

Helena Samsioe

Founder and CEO of Globhe
Million people impacted
Country coverage
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Drone operators

Our story

The future
Impacting 3.6 B

Looking ahead, we aim to impact the lives of 3.6 billion people, and we do that by leading organizations to make better decisions through drone data.

Raising seed

Growing our crowd to over 6500 drone operators in 130 countries, right after raising our seed round, we now had the power to make real change. Impacting nearly 40 million people in 2022.

The early days
Drones for good

Upon seeing the effects of terrible diseases such as Malaria, and the power of drone data, we quickly realised that working proactively was much more efficient.

United Nations
Innovation Office

Crowddroning by GLOBHE helps the United Nations strengthen natural disaster prevention and response.

Founded in 2015
Medical deliveries

Globhe, actual short for Global Health, started in Kenya in 2015 with shipping medical supplies to remote villages.

Our customers

We are guided by our strong belief that this world needs to change for the better. We measure our effects in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals set our by the UN.

Team Globhe

Management team

Helena Samsioe | CEO & Founder
Rémy Ghalayini | CTO
Markku Koivisto | CBDO
Elin Dahlström | CFO
Napoleon Bergström | COO
Andreas Nordansjö | CMO

Board of directors

Jonas Lindqvist
 Maria Bergsten
Erik Ekedahl
Christine Ahlstrand

Board of advisors

Karin Hollerbach
Eszter Kovacs
Casey van der Stricht


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