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Globhe collects drone data on demand autonomously and automatically through a crowdsourced network of commercial drone operators, accessed through the Globhe platform (or APIs) to feed your data pipelines and data workflows effortlessly

Ease of use

Automated, autonomous, and quality-assured for streamlined and reliable data collection anywhere on Earth.

Cost efficient

Reduce operational costs, simplify your drone data collection process and save valuable time.

Reliable quality

Reliable and accurate data, backed by our stringent quality controls and expertly vetted operators.


Ability to meet tight deadlines, while mitigating risks and safeguarding your projects against unforeseen challenges.


Standardized workflows, quality control, data outputs and processes. Technical skill levels to meet even the most complex and technical requests.
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Empowering your growth.

We offer unparalleled scale of operations. Whether your project is small or large, local or international, Globhe's marketplace seamlessly scales to meet your specific requirements.

Need to ramp up operations across multiple continents, regions or municipalities? Or require specialized drone services in remote locations? Maybe you just want to do things faster - with thousands of operators, we'll be able to meet even the tightest deadlines.

With Globhe, scaling up is as simple as a few clicks.


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Always best price

Global coverage and insights from thousands of operators have made us experts in interpreting drone data requests.

Here you can chat with our AI Price Assistant - click here - and tap into our vast knowledge in the Drone Data Collection industry.

Standardized data collection

Globhe's long experience has been instrumental in setting standardized data collection methods, ensuring consistent, high-quality data acquisition no matter location, operator or drone used, leading to enhanced project efficiency and control.

Standardized quality control

Ordering data from Globhe is ordering peace of mind. We employ rigorous quality control, ensuring that all data and services provided meets your high standards for accuracy, reliability, and technical criterias, thereby guaranteeing superior quality an peace of mind for all our clients.

Standardized data delivery

Globhe standardizes the delivery of drone data through our platform, and continously work to offer more seamless ways of data management. We offer consistent and reliable integration through APIs and through our platform, ensuring smooth and continuous data flow into our clients' systems and workflows.

Digital Twins

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Digital twins in infrastructure

Globhe stands out in the digital twins sector for infrastructure by emphasizing standardization in its drone data collection process.

Users can specify their data requirements, and Globhe's platform ensures uniformity and consistency, adhering to standardized protocols.

Globhe delivers high-quality, standardized, accurate, and analyzable data crucial for the effective creation and management of digital twins in infrastructure projects.

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Digital twins in mapping

Globhe plays a pivotal role in the realm of mapping, environmental monitoring, and disaster prevention projects by providing standardized, high-quality drone data essential for creating digital twins.

The platform allows users to precisely specify data needs, ensuring uniform and reliable data collection across the globe.

This consistency in data gathering is crucial for digital twin creation, offering a dependable foundation for accurate mapping, environmental monitoring, and proactive disaster prevention planning.

Read more about Digital Twins from drones here
3D Point Cloud


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Streamlined data integration

Globhe's platform enables effortless integration of drone-acquired data into existing pipelines through advanced APIs and platform-to-platform integrations.

Workflow Compatibility

Our platform is designed for compatibility with diverse client workflows, ensuring minimal disruption and maximized utility across various industries.

We maintain rigorous quality control in data collection and delivery, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of information provided to our clients.

Future-Proof Integration

Globhe continuously evolves its integration capabilities to stay at the forefront of technological advancements, offering clients a future-proof solution for drone services.

Learn more, visit: developers.globhe.com

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