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With over 70 TB of data collected, Globhe has made 7TB available through one of the world's largest archives of drone data from all over the world.

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Experience the power of geospatial insights through drone data from Globhe.
Our industry leading platform have the information you need to make informed decisions faster and easier than ever before. With our vast library of drone data, you can monitor areas of interest, verify ground information, and identify trends that matter to your organization. Globhe helps you stay ahead of the curve, to make the right decisions at the right time.

Globhe archive - a living dataset of global change

At Globhe, we don't just collect drone data—we revolutionize it. With a massive network of over 11,000 drone operators in 146 countries, we offer an unprecedented dataset of earth observation imagery.

Our unique combination of unrivaled coverage and ultra high resolution delivers geospatial insights empowering you to make better decisions.

Globhe gives you the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date understanding of changing conditions.

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with drone data

Free example data set

Our Crowdroners have covered every continent, even Antarctica, with the mapping of this melting iceberg.

We gathered 215 images, a total of 1495 MB of Data Images and point cloud 3D version of the iceberg. It is the first ever of it's kind and valuable data for researchers.

When arctic ice melts, it contributes to the global temperature rise due to the large amount of frozen methane gas. The melting ice caps also impact the sea level, which significantly changes the coastlines, affecting animal and human life.

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Example use cases

Machine Learning for Artificial Intelligence

Use our library of drone images to train your algorithms.

Change detection

Monitor change over time and make the right decisions.

Drone images for publications & journalism

Looking for images of a certain area for your publication? We license individual images as well, supporting local drone operators.