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Local  professional & commercial drone pilots, drone service providers and drone operators.

Thousands of drones are flying around in our skies every day. Never before have we had access to so much data. What if we could tap into all these drones, and use the data these drones capture? So we did.

We are the only company providing a scalable alternative to satellite data. We make ultra-high resolution earth observation data available, affordable and actionable through one single platform.

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Registered businesses & commercial drone operators

Globhe's marketplace is made up of professionals, and subject matter experts in their field, and we require all operators to be registered businesses, complying with local regulations and tax authorities.

This ensures compliance, reliability, and quality for every project.

Globhe guarantees professionalism, offering clients peace of mind and superior drone services throught our crowddroning® network. Choose Globhe for trusted, compliant aerial solutions.

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Subject matter experts

Globhe's marketplace consists of subject matter experts across various industries, ensuring that our crowddroning® services are not only technically proficient but also deeply informed by specialized knowledge. Whatever you are looking for, our operators have the expertise to meet the highest of demands in GIS, BIM and Inspection Services.

This guarantees that every project is approached with expertise tailored to its specific requirements.

Our operators bring a wealth of experience and insight, making sure that solutions are not just effective but perfectly aligned with clients' needs. Choose Globhe for expert-driven, precise aerial solutions.

Below is a sample of our collective expertise and experience:

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Local knowledge & language

Globhe's Crowddroning® network is based on local knowledge and language proficiency. Ensuring that our operators understand the nuances of their specific regions.

This local expertise ensures that the orders you place and drone data collections you task are conducted with an awareness of cultural and geographic specifics, enhancing the effectiveness and relevance of every project.

By choosing Globhe, you gain access to a network where local insights and communication are prioritized, delivering tailored, impactful aerial solutions and creating local job opportunities supporting thriving communities.

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Less travel = less CO2 & headache

Globhe's Crowddroning® network minimizes the need for travel, significantly reducing CO2 emissions and logistical complexities.

The logistical challenges and high costs associated with shipping drone equipment across borders cannot be overstated. The complexities of customs processes, the hefty expenses of secure transportation, and the regulatory hurdles around declaring lithium-ion batteries — crucial for drone operations — add layers of difficulty and expense. The strict regulations against flying with drone batteries on commercial airlines due to safety concerns further complicate matters, making local deployment not just preferable but essential.

By leveraging professional and local operators and drone service providers, we offer clients eco-friendly and efficient solutions that contribute to a thriving planet and a smoother project execution.

The Crowddroning® Platform

Crowddroning® is a first-of-its-kind digital marketplace platform, making drone data available in a whole new way, and at a whole new scale. By matching local and professional drone operators globally to clients in need of data that matters, you'll make a lasting impact.

Today over 11,000 drone operators in 146 countries are connected to Crowddroning® by GLOBHE ready to collect your drone data on demand.

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