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Alla männen i rummet sa nej – då startade hon företag ändå

February 9, 2024
Helena Samsioe's GLOBHE, overcoming initial rejections, developed the world's leading drone marketplace, facilitating impactful global applications like medical deliveries and geographic data collection, showcasing the transformative power of drones in societal and environmental advancements.
Henrik Svidén

Tech-Driven Solutions: Drone Data Marketplace Reshaping Climate Monitoring Strategies Worldwide

January 24, 2024
Focusing on the impact of drone data marketplaces in revolutionizing climate monitoring, akin to GLOBHE's role in global health, as Globhe's marketplace platform, through advanced drone technology and AI, are crucial for efficient environmental management worldwide.
Bojana Ristic

Geospatial platform UP42 partners with GLOBHE on drone data

November 15, 2023
DroneDJ reports on UP42's partnership with GLOBHE, combining geospatial technology with drone data to enhance sectors like agriculture and disaster response, akin to GLOBHE's focus on improving global health.
Ishveena Singh

UP42 and GLOBHE Sign Partnership to Bring Drone Data to Geospatial Marketplace

November 8, 2023
UP42 and GLOBHE's new partnership enhances the geospatial marketplace with diverse drone data, supporting sectors like agriculture and disaster response, akin to GLOBHE's global health focus.

Globhe is Using Drones to Improve Global Health

October 19, 2023
From the floor of Intergeo in Berlin last week, DRONELIFE speaks with Andreas Nordansjö, CMO of drone data and impact tech firm GLOBHE about using drones and drone data to improve outcomes in global health.
Harry McNabb

UP42, GLOBHE Sign Partnership to Bring Drone Data to Geospatial Marketplace

September 11, 2023
UP42 and GLOBHE's partnership enhances UP42's geospatial marketplace with extensive drone data, enabling improved decision-making in agriculture, conservation, and disaster response through high-resolution aerial data collection.
Emilia Nygren

Prevention, Response and Recovery: GLOBHE Uses Drones to Manage Disasters Around the World

June 5, 2023
DRONELIFE highlights GLOBHE's use of drones in disaster management worldwide, emphasizing their role in prevention, response, and recovery. This initiative showcases the impactful application of drone data in mitigating and managing disasters, aligning with GLOBHE's dedication to leveraging technology for global challenges.
Miriam McNabb

This Drone Data Marketplace Prevents Destruction from Climate Disasters: Globhe

May 17, 2023
GLOBHE provides aerial data to UNICEF Malawi to monitor vulnerable areas and create impact-based flood risk maps.
sUAS News

GLOBHE on Monitoring Carbon Offset Projects Around the World

February 27, 2023
DRONELIFE explores GLOBHE's work in monitoring carbon offset projects globally, emphasizing their advanced use of drone data for accurate measurement and management of carbon sequestration efforts in diverse ecosystems.
Miriam McNabb

Svenska drönarbolaget på plats i katastrofområdet

February 9, 2023
Svenska drönarbolaget Globhe är med vid räddningsinsatserna efter jordbävningskatastrofen i Turkiet.
Peter Lundegårdh

Förra årets inUse Award-vinnare GLOBHE fortsätter växa

October 6, 2022
InUse highlights GLOBHE's significant growth and commitment to design following their inUse Award win. The company, led by Helena Samsioe, recently secured 20 million kronor investment to expand their drone technology impact, focusing on climate and tech solutions.

Svenska drönardrottningen siktar mot nya höjder: "Ökat intresse från hela världen"

September 5, 2022
Helena Samsioe grundade Globhe redan för sex år sen. Bolaget har som affärsidé att samla in data från tusentals drönare över hela världen som sedan kan användas för att förutse olika katastrofer.
Jon Wahlqvist

Globhe is building the world’s biggest network of drone operators

August 30, 2022
Epicenter Stockholm features GLOBHE's creation of the largest global drone operator network, harnessing high-resolution data collection for impactful projects like malaria prevention in Malawi.

"Drönardrottningen" tar in kapital för att flyga högre: "Otrolig potential"

September 13, 2021
Breakit's article details GLOBHE's capital raise, led by Helena Samsioe, to enhance its global drone disaster management services. The funding aims to automate their Crowddroning platform and expand worldwide operations.
Towe Boström

Helena Samsioes Globhe flyger högt – landat tungt avtal med telekomjätte

March 21, 2021
Breakit reports on GLOBHE's significant contract with a telecom giant for drone-based tower inspections in 30 countries, highlighting the company's rebound and the growing utility of drone technology in infrastructure.
Towe Boström

Drones in Telecom: GLOBHE Signs Global Agreement

October 2, 2020
DRONELIFE reports on GLOBHE's global agreement with a leading telecom company for drone-based inspections in up to 30 countries, highlighting drones' efficiency and safety in telecom site surveys.
Miriam McNabb

New from “Stories from Sweden”

June 11, 2020
Helena, the drone queen who wants to change the world
SI. Swedish Institute

Changing the world with drones – Stories from Sweden

June 10, 2020
Helena Samsioe is widely known as the Drone Queen since founding GLOBHE in 2015. The company collects drone photos as data to create a better future both for people and the planet.

En av världens mäktigaste techkvinnor till Umeå Tech Arena

May 19, 2020
Umeå Tech Arena är Uminova Innovations uppskattade mötesplats för alla som är tokiga i ny teknik och banbrytande innovationer.
Uminova Innovation

Globhe wins Zayed Sustainability Prize 2020

January 14, 2020
Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Honours the 10 Winners of Zayed Sustainability Prize 2020
Laura Hobeiche

Drönardrottningen Helena Samsioe ger FN vingar: "Räddar liv"

September 2, 2019
Breakit highlights Helena Samsioe's GLOBHE aiding the UN with drones, expediting medical deliveries and improving relief efforts, showcasing the life-saving impact of drone technology in global emergencies.
Towe Boström

The World’s Top 50 Women In Tech

December 12, 2018
Globhe CEO & Founder named The World’s Top 50 Women In Tech
Helen A. S. Popkin, Kitty Knowles, Lauren Aratani, Samar Marwan

Europe's Top 50 Women in Tech

December 12, 2018
Helena Samsioe, GLOBHE CEO & Founder named one of Europe's Top 50 Women in Tech
Helen A. S. Popkin with Kitty Knowles, Lauren Aratani and Samar Marwan