Dams and Forests

Dams and Forests

The Mulunguzi dam was constructed in 1997 by the government of Malawi. The dam provides fresh water to the entire population of Zomba and protects the forest next to it as it prevents flooding and provides a consistent flow of water. It's also the natural habitat for a rare species of butterflies, that still thrive in the area, and scenic views, attracting tourists from all over the world.

Our crowddroner Hope and his team created this map of the dam and its surrounding area. The map shows all the details of the dam, the foundations, and the rocks surrounding it. Using drone data to inspect dams and infrastructure is common as it provides fast, cheap, and reliable results.

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Drone operator

Hope Kelvin Chilunga

Hope is a Crowddroning operator from Malawi who submitted these images and maps as part of the Drones 4 Sustainable Forestry and Urban Green Challenge by GLOBHE to highlight local community challenges in forests in his home country. Hope and his team are experienced drone operators and valuable members of GLOBHE's Crowddroning community.