Forests and Wellbeing

Forests and Wellbeing

Increasing urbanization and the health benefits of an active lifestyle have created a demand for outdoor recreation. Forests provide an escape from the stresses of modern life, connect with nature and the countryside, and experience tranquil and scenic places. The development of forests for recreation is an essential aspect of sustainable forestry. There is increasing interest in the wide-ranging benefits that forests provide to society. Today, recreation is perhaps the most critical non-timber service provided to humans by the woods.

Earth observation data by drones is an excellent tool for getting insights into planning recreational forest areas. We can spot trails in great detail, highlight them, measure their length, and create topographic profiles. Municipalities can use such information in planning and share it with the residents to tell them how difficult or easy the trail is—making the forest more accessible to everyone regardless of their physical capabilities.

Sweden contains more than 10,000 km of trails in its vast forests. In the past years, interest in nature has significantly risen in Sweden, making municipalities work harder to update information on all recreational activities that forests can have. Using drones to quickly map trails, measure their distance, and create elevation charts helps capture insights about forests much quicker and cheaper than traditional methods.

Crowddroning operator, Mohamad Alnasser, mapped a forest in Kårsta, Sweden, highlighting the numerous trails. The base image is an orthomosaic map that can be processed to provide valuable information for forest owners and trail enthusiasts alike.

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With many trails across Sweden, the feeling of being on an adventure is not as far away as you might think. We have to protect our forests to keep enjoying the miracles of nature. - Mohammad Al Nasser, drone operator.

Drone operator

Mohamad Alnasser

Mohammad is a Crowddroning operator based in Stockholm, Sweden. He submitted these images as part of the Drones 4 Sustainable Forestry and Urban Green Challenge by GLOBHE to highlight local community challenges in forests in his home country. Mohammad is an experienced drone operator and a valuable member of GLOBHE's Crowddroning community.