Mangrove Conservation in Lagos

Mangrove Conservation in Lagos

Living in a densely packed urban environment like Lagos, the mangrove can seem like a waste of space where one could build more residential or commercial buildings. But the mangrove trees are crucial to the well-being of Africa. Yet, year in and year out, the size of the mangrove forest keeps reducing. Mangrove conservation is a pressing global concern. These trees are homes to highly productive ecosystems that offer many environmental solutions. They are rich in biodiversity and can store about ten times more carbon per hectare than terrestrial forests. A source of livelihood for millions of people, yet many don't take the conservation efforts with the gravitas they should.

Our Crowddroner and Agric Drone Specialist, Femi Adekoya, captured this map near Lagos in Nigeria. The base image is an orthomosaic map that can be processed to provide information that is helpful for various stakeholders.

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Dear Mangrove, I am not sure if anyone took notice of how important you are to our sustainability in this dense urban community. [...] When I closely observed you with the aid of my drone, I saw beauty. I saw life. [...] Oh, dear Mangrove, I am not sure if anyone around this densely populated environment knows how important you are as our environmental lung – purifying our air, sequestrating carbon, and in return blessing us with an abundance of oxygen to breathe for life. [...] Yet, who knows, you are becoming increasingly venerable due to human development activities. I want the world to pay attention to you, and this is why I have chosen to map you. - Femi Adekoya

Drone operator

Femi Adekoya

Femi is a Crowddroning operator and Precision Agriculture / Agric Drone Specialist based in Nigeria. He submitted these images and maps as part of the Drones 4 Sustainable Forestry and Urban Green Challenge by GLOBHE to highlight local community challenges in forests in his home country. He is an experienced drone operator and a valuable member of GLOBHE's Crowddroning community.