Saving trees

Saving trees

Bungamti is one of the oldest settlements in Nepal which is proven to exist since the 7th century AD. It’s a beautiful traditional heritage site. The livelihood of its population is mostly dependent upon agriculture, woodcraft business, and tourism. However, with growing urbanization their traditional way of living is changing. Younger generation is attracted to city jobs, agricultural field are changing into buildings, and trees are being chopped for various needs.

Kabita, our crowddroner from Nepal, captured this map of Bungamti in Nepal. You can see the different traditional farms in this map along with a variety of trees, seen in great resolution. This map can be used as a tool for the local community to monitor their crops, monitor their trees and their extent, and evaluate the health of the green area between the different village buildings. It is important to appreciate and preserve green areas, especially if they represent a great traditional value.

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Through this challenge, I want to tell stories of Trees in Bungmati. We should innovate tools and solutions for our younger generation to adopt the good traditional aura. We should attract youths to framing, wooden carving and afforestation. - Kabita Kunwar

Drone operator

Kabita Kunwar

Kabita is a Crowddroning operator based in Nepal. She submitted these images as part of the Drones 4 sustainable forestry and urban green challenge by GLOBHE to highlight local community challenges in forests in the home country. Kabita is an experienced drone operator and a valuable member of GLOBHE's Crowddroning community.