The Importance of Urban Green Spaces

The Importance of Urban Green Spaces

The world has become increasingly urbanized over the past centuries. However, it's essential to consider the impact these spaces have on nature. What was once grassland or forest is now covered by concrete - how does that affect the area’s ecosystem? We now understand that humans hugely impact the Earth, and many of the systems we have adapted when scaling our civilization's hubs have affected the climate and ecosystems.

Urban greening makes our cities eco-friendlier and improves the lives of people and wildlife in the area. Life in a busy city like Nairobi, Kenya, with a population of around 4.4 million, can be very stressful. The city offers various options to de-stress, and one of them is city parks.

Drone operator, Fredrick Onyango, captured this map of the City Park, a green space in the heart of Nairobi managed by the Nairobi City Council and home to protected indigenous trees. It helps highlight the beneficial effects of urban green areas on human well-being and climate. The base image is an orthomosaic map that can be processed to provide information that is helpful for various stakeholders.

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Thanks to the Nairobi City Council for its efforts in protecting and maintaining the park. This will ensure that the future generation will also enjoy the relaxing benefits of this green space within a busy city like Nairobi. - Fredrick Onyango

Drone operator

Fredrick Onyango