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Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands based Drone Operators are now available in the Globhe Marketplace Platform.

Globhe makes is easy and secure to hire a local, professional and vetted drone operator or drone service provider directly from anywhere, including Cayman Islands
Simply register your company with the Globhe Platform and task a drone to collect the drone data you need. Fast, simple and intuitive. We take care of all flight permissions, licenses and liabilities. Your truly global marketplace for on-demand drone data.

Information about drone operations in Cayman Islands

In the picturesque and thriving environment of the Cayman Islands, GLOBHE has established a robust presence, offering top-tier drone services to meet the diverse needs of various industries. With our network of local, licensed, and professional drone operators, we ensure precise and efficient drone data collection, customized to cater to the unique challenges and opportunities this territory presents.

Drone Regulations in the Cayman Islands:

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands (CAACI) is the governing body overseeing drone operations. GLOBHE guarantees compliance with all local regulations, assisting in the acquisition of required permits and ensuring that all drone activities are conducted safely and legally.

Our operators are deeply familiar with the nuances of the Cayman Islands, understanding the local terrain, language, and culture, which is pivotal for successful drone operations.

Expanding Applications Across Industries:

The Cayman Islands offer a multitude of applications for drone technology. In tourism, drones are used for promotional videography and monitoring of natural resources. The real estate sector benefits from aerial photography, providing unique perspectives of properties. Additionally, disaster preparedness and search and rescue operations leverage drones for efficient and effective response.

GLOBHE: Your Gateway to Drone Services in the Cayman Islands:

Choosing GLOBHE means partnering with a provider that comprehensively handles your drone data needs. From navigating complex regulations and ensuring quality control to delivering accurate and timely data, we are committed to providing a seamless service.

In-Depth Regional Compliance and Regulation:

The Cayman Islands, comprising Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman, each have their specific characteristics and potential regulations:

  1. Grand Cayman: As the largest and most populous island, drone use in urban areas like George Town requires careful adherence to privacy and safety regulations. Special permissions might be needed for operations near Owen Roberts International Airport and other sensitive areas.
  2. Cayman Brac: With its rugged terrain and rich biodiversity, drones are instrumental in ecological monitoring and research, but operators must comply with any environmental protection regulations.
  3. Little Cayman: Known for its pristine environment, drone operations here may be subject to additional scrutiny to ensure the protection of natural habitats and wildlife.


GLOBHE empowers you to seamlessly conduct drone operations in the Cayman Islands, offering a network of local experts ready to assist with your projects. Embrace the power of drone technology with GLOBHE and elevate your operations to new heights, ensuring compliance and precision every step of the way. Contact us today to get started.

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