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Costa Rica

Costa Rica based Drone Operators are now available in the Globhe Marketplace Platform.

Globhe makes is easy and secure to hire a local, professional and vetted drone operator or drone service provider directly from anywhere, including Costa Rica
Simply register your company with the Globhe Platform and task a drone to collect the drone data you need. Fast, simple and intuitive. We take care of all flight permissions, licenses and liabilities. Your truly global marketplace for on-demand drone data.

Information about drone operations in Costa Rica

Costa Rica, with its lush rainforests, stunning coastlines, and rich biodiversity, presents a wide array of opportunities for drone applications. GLOBHE stands at the forefront, offering access to professional and licensed drone operators across the country, ensuring that every project, irrespective of its location, benefits from local expertise and compliance.

Drone Regulations and Compliance in Costa Rica:

The Dirección General de Aviación Civil de Costa Rica (DGAC) oversees drone operations, ensuring that they align with safety and privacy standards. Operators must adhere to specific flight rules, register their drones, and obtain necessary permissions, especially for commercial operations. GLOBHE simplifies these regulatory navigations, providing a centralized platform for compliant and dependable drone services throughout Costa Rica.

Regional Focus and Drone Applications:

  • San José: The capital city, bustling with urban development projects, utilizes drones for construction monitoring, real estate photography, and traffic management. GLOBHE connects you with seasoned drone operators in San José.
  • Guanacaste: Known for its beaches and tourism, the region leverages drones for promotional videography, environmental monitoring, and agricultural applications. Access specialized drone services in Guanacaste via GLOBHE.
  • Limón: With its ports and agriculture, drones in Limón aid in logistics, precision farming, and land surveying. Connect with local drone experts in Limón through GLOBHE.
  • Puntarenas: A hub for fishing and tourism, where drones are utilized for maritime applications, environmental conservation, and tourism promotion. Find reliable drone operators in Puntarenas on GLOBHE’s platform.

Industry-Specific Applications in Costa Rica:

  • Agriculture: Drones play a vital role in precision agriculture, pest control, and crop monitoring, particularly in regions like Limón and Guanacaste.
  • Conservation: Leveraging drones for wildlife monitoring, habitat preservation, and environmental assessments, especially in Costa Rica’s numerous national parks and protected areas.
  • Tourism: Enhancing promotional efforts and property inspections with aerial videography and photography, a significant application in tourism-centric regions like Guanacaste and Puntarenas.
  • Logistics and Transportation: Utilizing drones for port management, inventory tracking, and traffic analysis, crucial in commercial hubs like Limón.

The GLOBHE Advantage:

At GLOBHE, we ensure that accessing drone services in Costa Rica is seamless, compliant, and tailored to your project's specific needs. Our platform bridges the gap between local expertise and global projects, guaranteeing quality, compliance, and scalability.


Choose GLOBHE for unparalleled access to a network of professional drone operators across Costa Rica. We ensure that your projects, regardless of their geographical location, receive the local expertise and attention they deserve. Connect with us today to find the perfect drone service provider for your needs in Costa Rica, ensuring national coverage and regional expertise.

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