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Estonia based Drone Operators are now available in the Globhe Marketplace Platform.

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Information about drone operations in Estonia

Estonia, a digital innovation hub in Europe, has embraced drone technology across its diverse landscapes and industries. GLOBHE, as a global drone data solution provider, ensures that clients in Estonia can leverage drone technology efficiently and compliantly.

Comprehensive Drone Regulations in Estonia:

Estonia, a digital innovation hub with a rich cultural heritage, is becoming increasingly receptive to drone technology. At GLOBHE, we are committed to facilitating seamless and compliant drone data collection across the country, ensuring businesses and organizations can leverage aerial insights to their full potential.

National Drone Regulations in Estonia:

Drone operations in Estonia are governed by the Estonian Civil Aviation Administration (ECAA), and adherence to European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regulations. Operators are required to comply with specific guidelines regarding drone weight, flying altitude, and proximity to populated areas. GLOBHE simplifies this process, offering expert guidance and support to ensure all drone activities are conducted within legal frameworks.

Regional Regulatory Nuances:

When conducting drone operations in Estonia, it is crucial to consider the specific regulations and considerations that might apply to each of the 15 counties:

  1. Harju County: As the most populous county and home to the capital city, Tallinn, drone operators might face stricter regulations in urban areas.
  2. Hiiu County: With its sparse population and scenic landscapes, drone operations here may have more flexibility but should still be mindful of local wildlife.
  3. Ida-Viru County: Industrial areas may have specific drone flying restrictions, requiring careful planning and coordination.
  4. Järva County: Predominantly rural, operators should consider agricultural activities and potential restrictions during specific seasons.
  5. Jõgeva County: Similar to Järva, seasonal agricultural activities might influence drone operations.
  6. Lääne County: Coastal regions may have specific regulations to protect marine life and ecosystems.
  7. Lääne-Viru County: Drone operations should be planned with consideration of both rural and urban areas within the county.
  8. Pärnu County: As a popular tourist destination, certain times of the year might see increased regulations to ensure visitor safety.
  9. Põlva County: Drone operations should be conducted with awareness of the natural parks and protected areas.
  10. Rapla County: Rural areas may present fewer regulatory hurdles, but operators should remain mindful of local guidelines.
  11. Saare County: With numerous islands and water bodies, drone pilots should be well-versed in regulations related to flying over water.
  12. Tartu County: Home to Estonia’s second-largest city, Tartu, urban drone flying regulations will be applicable.
  13. Valga County: Bordering Latvia, operators should be aware of cross-border flying regulations and restrictions.
  14. Viljandi County: Scenic landscapes and cultural sites may have specific flying restrictions to preserve their integrity.
  15. Võru County: Drone operations should consider the local culture and traditions, ensuring respectful and compliant flying practices.

GLOBHE's Role:

At GLOBHE, we are dedicated to ensuring that your drone data needs in Estonia are met with precision and compliance. Our network of local drone operators is knowledgeable about the specific regulatory landscapes of each county, ensuring that your drone data collection is smooth and hassle-free. With GLOBHE, you have a reliable partner who understands the intricacies of Estonian drone regulations, weather patterns, and regional considerations.


Elevate your operations in Estonia with GLOBHE's unparalleled drone data services. Our commitment to compliance, quality, and efficiency ensures that you receive the best possible aerial insights, tailored to the unique landscapes and regulations of Estonia’s counties. Connect with GLOBHE today and unlock the potential of professional drone services in this Baltic gem.

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