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Ghana based Drone Operators are now available in the Globhe Marketplace Platform.

Globhe makes is easy and secure to hire a local, professional and vetted drone operator or drone service provider directly from anywhere, including Ghana
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Information about drone operations in Ghana

Ghana, located in West Africa, offers a diverse landscape ranging from coastal savannahs to tropical rain forests. GLOBHE, as a leading drone data provider, is dedicated to connecting clients with expert drone operators to facilitate a range of applications across different sectors in Ghana.

Comprehensive Drone Regulations in Ghana:

The Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) oversees drone operations in the country. Operators are required to adhere to specific guidelines and obtain the necessary permits for drone flights. GLOBHE ensures compliance with these regulations, helping clients navigate the legal landscape for safe and efficient drone operations.

Industry-Specific Drone Applications:

  • Agriculture: Precision farming, crop monitoring, and pest control.
  • Mining: Surveying, inventory management, and equipment inspection.
  • Construction: Site surveys, progress tracking, and structural inspections.
  • Conservation: Wildlife monitoring, habitat mapping, and anti-poaching initiatives.
  • Tourism: Aerial photography and videography of landmarks and resorts.

Navigating Regional Nuances:

Ghana is divided into 16 regions, each with unique characteristics that may influence drone operations. GLOBHE's local expertise ensures that clients are aware of these nuances, enabling optimized drone data collection across all regions.

Greater Accra Region

  • Regulatory Focus: Managing urban airspace is critical, especially due to the proximity of Kotoka International Airport and densely populated areas. Special permissions may be required for drone flights in these zones.

Ashanti Region

  • Regulatory Focus: Ensuring safe drone operations in areas with significant foot traffic, particularly around cultural sites and the bustling city of Kumasi.

Eastern Region

  • Regulatory Focus: Adherence to regulations regarding natural reserves and protected areas. Ensuring compliance with privacy laws in residential and community spaces.

Western Region

  • Regulatory Focus: Following specific regulations related to mining activities and operations along the coast. Coordinating with local authorities for compliance is essential.

Central Region

  • Regulatory Focus: Respectful and safe drone use is paramount around historical sites and tourist attractions. Operators may need to seek permissions for flights in these areas.

Northern Region

  • Regulatory Focus: Due to the region’s rural nature, drone operators might face fewer airspace restrictions but should remain mindful of community norms and privacy considerations.

Upper East Region

  • Regulatory Focus: Potential for agricultural drone use, but operators must comply with any local regulations and community guidelines.

Upper West Region

  • Regulatory Focus: Similar to the Upper East, with an emphasis on responsible drone use in agricultural and rural settings.

Volta Region

  • Regulatory Focus: With its varied landscapes, drone operators must be aware of any specific regulations pertaining to natural reserves and community lands.

Oti Region

  • Regulatory Focus: Ensuring safe and responsible drone operations in this newly created region, particularly in rural and community areas.

Bono Region

  • Regulatory Focus: As a region with agricultural potential, operators must adhere to any agricultural drone use regulations and community guidelines.

Bono East Region

  • Regulatory Focus: Understanding and complying with local regulations, especially in agricultural and rural settings.

Ahafo Region

  • Regulatory Focus: Responsible drone use is essential, with an emphasis on adhering to local community standards and regulations.

Western North Region

  • Regulatory Focus: Coordination with local authorities for any drone operations, particularly in forested and rural areas.

Savannah Region

  • Regulatory Focus: Ensuring safe drone operations in this predominantly rural region, with respect to community norms and guidelines.

North East Region

  • Regulatory Focus: Adherence to any local regulations, particularly in agricultural and rural settings, is crucial for drone operators.

GLOBHE’s Unwavering Dedication:

With GLOBHE, clients gain a partner with extensive experience in drone operations in Ghana. Our network of local drone operators is well-versed in the regional specificities, ensuring that each project is conducted with the utmost precision and compliance.


Leverage GLOBHE’s expertise and local network for unparalleled drone data solutions in Ghana. Our commitment to regulatory compliance, quality control, and efficient data delivery guarantees a seamless experience for clients, no matter the application or region. Connect with us today to explore the vast possibilities of professional drone services in Ghana.

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