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Hong Kong

Hong Kong based Drone Operators are now available in the Globhe Marketplace Platform.

Globhe makes is easy and secure to hire a local, professional and vetted drone operator or drone service provider directly from anywhere, including Hong Kong
Simply register your company with the Globhe Platform and task a drone to collect the drone data you need. Fast, simple and intuitive. We take care of all flight permissions, licenses and liabilities. Your truly global marketplace for on-demand drone data.

Information about drone operations in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's distinctive skyline, bustling ports, and verdant outlying islands present a remarkable opportunity for the deployment of drone technology. GLOBHE is at the forefront, enabling enterprises across various sectors to harness the power of drone data collection services, customized for the urban and natural landscapes of Hong Kong.

Stringent Drone Regulations in Hong Kong

Drone operations in Hong Kong are strictly regulated by the Civil Aviation Department (CAD). Given the city's high population density and complex airspace, operators must adhere to rigorous rules including altitude restrictions, no-fly zones, and permit requirements for specific operations. GLOBHE's in-depth knowledge of these regulations ensures that drone operations are conducted safely and legally.

Targeted Drone Applications in Key Industries

In Hong Kong, drones have potential applications in numerous fields:

  • Construction and Real Estate: Offers bird's-eye views for property inspections and real estate showcases.
  • Port Management and Logistics: Enhances efficiency in one of the world's busiest ports by monitoring container movement and logistics operations.
  • Environmental Surveillance: Supports the monitoring of natural reserves and contributes to urban planning initiatives.

Special Considerations in Hong Kong's Regions

Despite its small size, Hong Kong's regional characteristics influence drone operation strategies:

Hong Kong Island

  • Central and Western District: Highly regulated airspace due to high-rise buildings and helicopter traffic.


  • Yau Tsim Mong District: Dense urban environment that requires careful coordination for drone flights.

New Territories

  • Sha Tin District: Potential for more flexible drone applications in less densely populated areas, like agricultural assessments.

Outlying Islands

  • Lantau Island: Home to Hong Kong International Airport and Hong Kong Disneyland, necessitating heightened security and safety measures for drone activities.

GLOBHE’s Commitment to Excellence in Hong Kong

GLOBHE's presence in Hong Kong equates to a promise of precision and compliance. With a comprehensive network of skilled drone operators, we are equipped to manage every facet of drone operations, from legal clearances to data processing, delivering a streamlined experience to our clients.


Choose GLOBHE for unmatched drone data services in Hong Kong. Our allegiance to detail, regulatory adherence, and operational efficiency assures that your data collection requirements are fulfilled with the utmost professionalism. Reach out to us to explore how our expert drone services can be tailored to fit the unique demands of this dynamic Asian metropolis.

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