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Kazakhstan based Drone Operators are now available in the Globhe Marketplace Platform.

Globhe makes is easy and secure to hire a local, professional and vetted drone operator or drone service provider directly from anywhere, including Kazakhstan
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Information about drone operations in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan's vast steppes, bustling cities, and significant industrial zones provide a broad landscape for drone technology applications. GLOBHE is at the forefront, offering custom drone data collection services tailored to Kazakhstan's unique geographical and economic context.

Regulatory Framework for Drone Operations in Kazakhstan

The Civil Aviation Committee under the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of Kazakhstan regulates the nation's airspace, including drone activities. Compliance with Kazakhstani aviation laws is crucial for safe and legal operations, encompassing registration, flight permissions, and specific regional flying restrictions. GLOBHE's operations in Kazakhstan strictly adhere to these guidelines, ensuring seamless drone activities across various industries.

Drone Applications Tailored to Kazakhstani Industries

Kazakhstan's economy provides a canvas for diverse drone applications:

  • Agriculture: Drones enhance farming practices across the fertile regions of Kazakhstan, providing critical data for crop health and resource management.
  • Oil and Gas: In the energy sector, drones facilitate the inspection and monitoring of vast pipeline networks and oil fields, particularly in the western regions.
  • Mining: Drones provide surveying solutions that contribute to the efficiency and safety of Kazakhstan's substantial mining operations.
  • Environmental Monitoring: With a focus on conservation, drones support ecological assessments and the management of natural reserves, such as the steppes and the Caspian Sea shoreline.

Adapting to Regional Regulatory Differences in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan's size and variety in terrain require an informed approach to drone operations, reflecting the specific needs and regulations of each area:

  • Nur-Sultan: As the capital city, drone flights are subject to heightened regulatory scrutiny, particularly around government installations and public spaces.
  • Almaty Region: Known for its diverse landscapes, drone operators must navigate regulations that protect natural areas while catering to agricultural and urban planning needs.
  • West Kazakhstan: Home to significant oil and gas reserves, drones in this region must operate in compliance with industry regulations and safety standards.
  • South Kazakhstan: Agricultural drone use here must be balanced with community privacy and local airspace safety considerations.

GLOBHE’s Commitment to Operational Excellence in Kazakhstan

GLOBHE's network of professional drone operators in Kazakhstan is proficient in managing the regulatory and operational challenges unique to the country. From acquiring the necessary flight permissions to delivering high-quality, actionable data, GLOBHE ensures a streamlined and effective drone operation.


For precise and compliant drone data services in Kazakhstan, GLOBHE is your trusted partner. Our dedication to operational excellence, combined with a deep understanding of Kazakhstan's regulatory landscape, guarantees high-quality drone solutions. Connect with GLOBHE to explore the full potential of professional drone services in Kazakhstan.

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