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Laos based Drone Operators are now available in the Globhe Marketplace Platform.

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Information about drone operations in Laos

Laos, with its extensive forests, winding rivers, and growing urban areas, presents a unique set of opportunities for the implementation of drone technology. GLOBHE is committed to unlocking these opportunities, offering drone data collection services that are specifically tailored to the Laotian landscape and regulatory requirements.

Comprehensive Drone Regulations in Laos

The Lao Ministry of Public Works and Transport oversees the regulation of drones within the country, ensuring that their use aligns with national interests in security, development, and privacy. GLOBHE operates in strict adherence to Laotian drone laws, which include acquiring necessary permits, respecting no-fly zones, and abiding by altitude and area restrictions to ensure the safety and privacy of the populace.

Drone Applications Across Key Laotian Industries

In Laos, drone technology is becoming increasingly important across various sectors:

  • Agriculture: Improving efficiency and yield in the agricultural sector, which remains a cornerstone of the Laotian economy.
  • Infrastructure: Supporting the country’s infrastructure development, particularly in remote areas where traditional survey methods are challenging.
  • Natural Resource Management: Aiding in the management and protection of Laos's natural resources, including forestry and water resources.
  • Cultural Heritage: Assisting in the preservation and documentation of Laos's rich cultural heritage sites, many of which are recognized by UNESCO.

Regional Considerations for Drone Flights in Laos

Laos's diverse geography requires a regionally nuanced approach to drone operations:

  • Vientiane: In the capital region, drone operations are likely subject to stricter control due to higher population densities and the presence of government structures.
  • Luang Prabang: Given its status as a UNESCO World Heritage site, drone flights must be carefully managed to avoid disrupting the cultural landscape.
  • Southern Provinces: In areas like Champasak, agricultural drone use must balance between enhancing farm productivity and respecting local community practices.

GLOBHE’s Expertise in Laos

GLOBHE’s network in Laos comprises seasoned drone operators who are not only technically proficient but also deeply familiar with the cultural and regulatory nuances of the country. We ensure comprehensive service delivery, from regulatory compliance to the execution of complex data collection tasks, ensuring client satisfaction.


GLOBHE is the partner of choice for entities looking to leverage drone technology in Laos. Our commitment to precision, adherence to regulations, and operational excellence ensures that your drone data collection needs are met with the utmost quality. Reach out to GLOBHE to explore how our drone solutions can be tailored to the unique requirements of the Laotian environment and contribute to the country's growth and development.

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