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Latvia based Drone Operators are now available in the Globhe Marketplace Platform.

Globhe makes is easy and secure to hire a local, professional and vetted drone operator or drone service provider directly from anywhere, including Latvia
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Information about drone operations in Latvia

Latvia, with its lush forests, agricultural lands, and rapidly modernizing urban centers, offers a dynamic environment for the deployment of drone technology. GLOBHE, with a focus on providing tailored drone data collection services, is poised to support Latvia’s industries and governmental agencies in harnessing the capabilities of UAV technology.

Drone Regulation Compliance in Latvia

The Latvian Civil Aviation Agency sets forth the regulations governing drone operations in the country. These rules are designed to integrate drones safely into the national airspace, with a focus on public safety, privacy, and security. GLOBHE meticulously adheres to these regulations, ensuring that all drone operations comply with Latvian laws, including airspace category restrictions, privacy regulations, and specific area permissions.

Drone Applications Across Latvian Sectors

Drones are reshaping various sectors within Latvia:

  • Agriculture: Drones provide farmers in regions like Zemgale with advanced tools for crop monitoring and precision agriculture, enhancing productivity and sustainability.
  • Forestry: UAVs support sustainable forest management practices, crucial for the vast woodland areas in Vidzeme.
  • Urban Planning: In metropolitan areas such as Riga, drones aid in city planning, real estate development, and infrastructure maintenance.
  • Environmental Conservation: UAVs are instrumental in monitoring Latvia’s diverse ecosystems, including the coastal Baltic Sea region and numerous inland water bodies.

Adapting to Regional Considerations in Latvia

Latvia’s topographical and developmental diversity necessitates a region-specific strategy for drone operations:

  • Riga and Surrounding Areas: As the capital city, Riga has more stringent drone usage policies to ensure the safety and privacy of its inhabitants and the security of critical infrastructure.
  • Kurzeme: With its coastline, drone operators must be aware of restrictions related to maritime operations and environmental conservation efforts.
  • Latgale: Known for its lakes and ethnic diversity, drone flights may be subject to specific community considerations and cross-border regulations due to its proximity to Russia and Belarus.

GLOBHE’s Commitment to Excellence in Latvia

GLOBHE’s network in Latvia features experienced drone operators who are adept at navigating the country's regulatory environment and geographic challenges. We manage the entire drone operation process, from securing the necessary flight permissions to delivering high-quality data, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.


For comprehensive, compliant, and efficient drone data collection services in Latvia, turn to GLOBHE. Our expertise in local regulations, coupled with a commitment to delivering exceptional quality, positions us as the premier choice for any drone-related initiative. Engage with GLOBHE to explore the extensive potential of professional drone services in Latvia’s unique landscape.

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