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Madagascar based Drone Operators are now available in the Globhe Marketplace Platform.

Globhe makes is easy and secure to hire a local, professional and vetted drone operator or drone service provider directly from anywhere, including Madagascar
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Information about drone operations in Madagascar

Madagascar's unique biodiversity and landscapes, from its expansive rainforests to arid regions, provide a distinctive setting for drone technology utilization. GLOBHE is committed to delivering tailored drone data collection services that cater to Madagascar's diverse ecological and infrastructural needs.

Regulatory Compliance for Drones in Madagascar

The Aviation Civile de Madagascar (ACM) is the authority regulating the use of drones, prioritizing airspace safety and privacy. GLOBHE rigorously adheres to these regulations, ensuring that all drone operations within Madagascar comply with the necessary guidelines, including securing appropriate flight permissions and respecting environmentally sensitive areas.

Drone Applications Across Madagascar's Economy

GLOBHE’s drone services span several crucial sectors in Madagascar:

  • Conservation: Aiding wildlife and habitat preservation efforts, particularly in ecologically rich areas like the rainforests of Atsinanana.
  • Agriculture: Improving crop management and yield in key agricultural regions, using drones to gather vital data for sustainable practices.
  • Infrastructure Development: Supporting the construction and maintenance of infrastructure, with drones providing crucial data for development projects, even in remote areas.
  • Disaster Response: Utilizing drones for rapid assessment and aid distribution, especially in regions prone to cyclones and flooding.

Addressing Regional Specifics in Madagascar

Madagascar's various regions require specialized drone operations to address their unique characteristics:

  • Antananarivo: In the capital, drone flights are carefully managed to avoid interference with populated areas and governmental zones.
  • Western Madagascar: Drones support agricultural productivity and monitor environmental health in areas like Melaky and Menabe.
  • Eastern Rainforests: UAVs operate with heightened sensitivity to protect biodiversity, requiring operators to have a deep understanding of conservation regulations.
  • Southern Madagascar: Addressing the challenges of drought-prone areas, drones are deployed for land management and to support local communities.

GLOBHE’s Expertise in Madagascar

GLOBHE’s professional network in Madagascar is well-versed in both the technical aspects of drone operation and the intricacies of local regulations. From obtaining necessary clearances to processing the collected data, GLOBHE ensures a seamless service that respects Madagascar's unique environmental and cultural landscape.


For expert drone data services in Madagascar, GLOBHE is the trusted partner. Our commitment to excellence, combined with an understanding of Madagascar's distinctive environment, ensures that clients receive the highest quality of drone data solutions. Contact GLOBHE to discover how our drone services can support your endeavors in Madagascar's dynamic and diverse setting.

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