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Mauritania based Drone Operators are now available in the Globhe Marketplace Platform.

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Information about drone operations in Mauritania

Mauritania, with its vast deserts, coastal communities, and burgeoning urbanization, offers a unique set of challenges and opportunities for drone technology. GLOBHE is poised to meet these challenges, providing customized drone data collection services that are attuned to Mauritania's distinctive landscape and regulatory environment.

Regulatory Landscape for Drones in Mauritania

The National Agency of Civil Aviation of Mauritania (ANACM) regulates drone usage in the country. GLOBHE ensures that all drone operations are in compliance with ANACM’s guidelines, which are designed to promote safety, security, and privacy in Mauritania's airspace. This includes securing the necessary permits, adhering to no-fly zones, and respecting privacy and sensitive locations.

Diverse Applications of Drone Technology in Mauritania

GLOBHE’s drone services in Mauritania span several crucial sectors:

  • Mining and Energy: Supporting Mauritania's mining industry in remote areas with aerial surveys for exploration and operational safety.
  • Agriculture: Enhancing agricultural practices in regions like the Senegal River Valley, employing drones for crop monitoring and land management.
  • Coastal Management: Assisting in the oversight and conservation of Mauritania's rich fishing zones along the Atlantic coast, ensuring sustainable practices.
  • Urban Development: Aiding in the planning and development of urban infrastructure, crucial for Mauritania's growing cities like Nouakchott.

Adapting to Regional Specifics in Mauritania

Mauritania's topography and climatic conditions necessitate a specialized approach to drone operations:

  • Nouakchott: In the capital, drone use is increasingly common for urban planning and development projects but requires careful adherence to local airspace regulations.
  • Mining Regions: In areas such as the Tasiast gold mine, drones are integral for surveying and security, operating under strict industry and environmental standards.
  • Rural and Nomadic Areas: Drones provide connectivity and services to remote communities, with operations planned to minimize disturbance to traditional nomadic lifestyles.

GLOBHE’s Commitment to Operational Excellence in Mauritania

GLOBHE’s network of drone operators in Mauritania is equipped to navigate the complexities of the country's regulatory framework and geographical challenges. We manage the entire process, from permit acquisition to data processing, ensuring a comprehensive service that respects the Mauritanian way of life and its economic ambitions.


For those seeking expert, compliant, and efficient drone data services in Mauritania, GLOBHE is the optimal partner. Our commitment to quality, understanding of local nuances, and dedication to client satisfaction ensures that our drone solutions meet the specific needs of projects within Mauritania’s diverse environment. Reach out to GLOBHE to unlock the full capabilities of professional drone services in Mauritania.

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