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At Globhe, we extend our expert drone services to organizations looking for drone operars, pilots and drone service providers in Moldova collecting drone data. With a focus on compliance, safety, and local expertise, our Crowddroners in Moldova are tailored to meet diverse needs, from aerial photography to commercial applications.

Local Expertise in Moldova

Moldova offers a unique blend of modern and historical architecture, lush forests, and stunning landscapes. Globhe's local drone operators are well-versed in capturing the essence of Moldova's beauty, ensuring high-quality aerial data for any project.

Navigating Moldova's Drone Regulations

The Civil Aviation Authority of Moldova mandates specific rules for drone operations, aligning with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency standards. Key regulations include:

  • Permit requirements for both recreational and commercial drone pilots.
  • Safety guidelines like a maximum altitude of 120 meters and a minimum distance of 50 meters from uninvolved people, vehicles, and structures.
  • No-fly zones around airports, military zones, and other restricted areas.

With Globhe however, you don't have to worry about these items as we support your data collecting and handle all legal and regulatory matters.

Commercial Drone Operations in Moldova

For commercial drone activities, Globhe ensures compliance with additional regulations:

  • Obtaining a Remote Pilot License (RPL) and a Certificate of Airworthiness for commercial drones.
  • Registering drones with the Civil Aviation Authority.
  • Adhering to specific operational guidelines and insurance requirements.

Ensuring Privacy and Safety

Globhe is committed to respecting privacy laws and guidelines in Moldova. Our drone operators are trained to maintain a respectful distance and avoid capturing unauthorized images or videos, especially in residential areas.

Stay Updated with Moldova's Drone Laws

The drone industry is dynamic, and regulations are subject to change. Globhe stays abreast of the latest amendments to ensure that our operations remain compliant with the evolving legal landscape in Moldova.

Your Trusted Partner for Drone Services in Moldova

Whether you're looking to capture the enchanting beauty of Moldova or require drone data for GIS, BIM, Climate or other commercial purposes, Globhe is your go-to partner. With a deep understanding of local regulations and a commitment to safety and quality, we ensure your project’s success.

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