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Panama based Drone Operators are now available in the Globhe Marketplace Platform.

Globhe makes is easy and secure to hire a local, professional and vetted drone operator or drone service provider directly from anywhere, including Panama
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Information about drone operations in Panama

Panama's vibrant mix of dense rainforests, modern cities, and crucial shipping routes like the Panama Canal presents a landscape ripe for drone technology. GLOBHE is adept at providing drone data collection services tailored to Panama's unique infrastructural and environmental landscapes, all within the country's regulatory guidelines.

Regulatory Compliance for Drones in Panama

The Civil Aeronautical Authority (Autoridad Aeronáutica Civil) of Panama oversees drone regulations, which are crafted to ensure the safe and responsible use of drones. GLOBHE’s drone operations in Panama align with these rules, which encompass:

  • Mandatory registration of drones and accreditation of drone pilots.
  • Specific flight permissions for operations near sensitive areas, such as the Panama Canal and Tocumen International Airport.
  • Adherence to privacy laws and consideration of environmental protection regulations, particularly in areas like the Darién Gap.

Drone Integration Across Panamanian Industries

GLOBHE’s drone services in Panama cater to various sectors:

  • Maritime Operations: Providing aerial support for maritime traffic monitoring and logistics management around the Panama Canal.
  • Conservation Efforts: Assisting in environmental and wildlife conservation projects in Panama’s diverse ecosystems, including rainforest and coastal areas.
  • Agriculture: Enhancing crop management and agricultural efficiency in rural regions, utilizing drones for precision farming techniques.
  • Urban Planning: Supporting the expansion and development of Panama City and other urban areas with mapping, surveying, and construction monitoring.

Addressing Regional Specifics in Panama’s Drone Operations

Drone operations in Panama must consider regional specifics:

  • Panama City: Navigating the bustling urban airspace with caution, coordinating with local authorities for drone flights in commercial and residential areas.
  • Bocas del Toro and Coastal Areas: Balancing drone use for tourism and environmental assessments with regulations designed to protect sensitive marine ecosystems.
  • Chiriquí Highlands: Utilizing drones for agricultural and environmental data collection, often requiring flights at higher altitudes in varied weather conditions.

GLOBHE’s Expertise in Panama

GLOBHE’s professional network of drone operators in Panama is well-versed in the technical, regulatory, and environmental aspects of drone usage. We manage the entire drone operation process, from securing permissions to delivering actionable data, ensuring comprehensive service that respects Panama’s cultural and natural landscapes.


For advanced, regulation-compliant drone data services in Panama, GLOBHE is your premier partner. Our commitment to quality and deep understanding of Panama’s regulatory and environmental landscapes ensure that clients receive top-tier drone data solutions. Reach out to GLOBHE to explore the potential of professional drone services in Panama’s dynamic setting.

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