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Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea based Drone Operators are now available in the Globhe Marketplace Platform.

Globhe makes is easy and secure to hire a local, professional and vetted drone operator or drone service provider directly from anywhere, including Papua New Guinea
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Information about drone operations in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea's (PNG) rugged terrain, rich biodiversity, and growing industrial activities present unique opportunities for the use of drone technology. GLOBHE is at the forefront, offering customized drone data collection services that are sensitive to PNG's intricate landscapes and adhere to the country’s aviation regulations.

Adherence to Aviation Regulations in Papua New Guinea

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Papua New Guinea (CASA PNG) regulates the use of drones within the nation's airspace. GLOBHE’s operations in PNG comply with these regulations, which include:

  • Registration of drones and accreditation of drone operators to ensure safe operation.
  • Coordination with CASA PNG for flights near aerodromes or in controlled airspace.
  • Compliance with local community privacy expectations and environmental conservation laws, especially when operating in biodiverse areas.

Drone Technology Deployment Across PNG Sectors

GLOBHE’s drone services in PNG span across various sectors:

  • Natural Resource Management: Supporting the mining and logging industries with drones for surveying and mapping, facilitating sustainable practices.
  • Agriculture: Enhancing the agricultural sector's productivity, particularly in remote areas where traditional survey methods are challenging.
  • Environmental Conservation: Utilizing drones for wildlife monitoring and protection of PNG’s extensive rainforests, vital for global biodiversity.
  • Infrastructure Development: Aiding in the planning and construction of infrastructure in a country where terrain and weather conditions make development projects complex.

Customized Drone Operations for PNG’s Regions

Given PNG’s diverse environment, drone operations must be tailored for different regional challenges:

  • Highlands: Drone flights in the highlands region must account for high altitudes and variable weather patterns, offering critical data for industries and communities in these remote areas.
  • Coastal and Island Regions: In areas like the Bismarck Archipelago, drones are used for marine resource management and to support local fisheries, with operations conducted to minimize impact on delicate marine ecosystems.
  • Urban Centers: In cities such as Port Moresby, drones contribute to urban planning and real estate development, with flights planned to avoid disruptions to city life and operations.

GLOBHE’s Expertise in Papua New Guinea

GLOBHE’s network of drone operators in PNG is proficient in conducting operations that respect both the technical complexities and the cultural sensitivities of working within PNG. We manage the full spectrum of drone operations, from obtaining clearances to analyzing and delivering high-quality data, ensuring a comprehensive and respectful service.


GLOBHE is the partner of choice for professional, compliant, and effective drone data services in Papua New Guinea. Our commitment to operational excellence and understanding of PNG’s unique requirements ensures that clients receive the highest quality drone data solutions. Contact GLOBHE to explore how our drone services can be tailored to support projects in PNG’s diverse and dynamic environments.

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