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Peru based Drone Operators are now available in the Globhe Marketplace Platform.

Globhe makes is easy and secure to hire a local, professional and vetted drone operator or drone service provider directly from anywhere, including Peru
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Information about drone operations in Peru

Peru's rich tapestry of Andean highlands, Amazon rainforests, and coastal plains presents a diverse array of opportunities for drone technology. GLOBHE stands ready to provide precise drone data collection services, aligned with Peru's specific environmental concerns and infrastructural needs while adhering to the nation's regulatory requirements.

Comprehensive Drone Regulations in Peru

The Peruvian Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) oversees the regulation of drone operations, focusing on safety, security, and privacy within Peru's airspace. GLOBHE’s operations in Peru strictly comply with these regulations, which include:

  • Obtaining the necessary operational permits, particularly for commercial drone use.
  • Ensuring flights avoid restricted areas, such as near airports, military bases, and over government buildings.
  • Respecting privacy laws and avoiding the unauthorized capture of images in residential or public spaces.

Sector-Specific Drone Applications in Peru

GLOBHE’s drone services in Peru are tailored to support various sectors:

  • Agriculture: Enhancing the management of crops and plantations in regions like the Sacred Valley and coastal agricultural lands.
  • Mining and Energy: Providing aerial surveys and inspection services to support Peru's substantial mining sector while ensuring environmental compliance.
  • Environmental Conservation: Using drones for ecological assessments and conservation efforts in the Amazon basin and protected natural areas.
  • Cultural Heritage: Assisting in the preservation and documentation of Peru's archaeological sites, including Machu Picchu and other Inca heritage sites.

Navigating Regional Considerations for Drone Operations in Peru

Drone operations in Peru must account for the country's varied topography and climate:

  • Lima and Urban Areas: Managing drone flights in urban centers with a focus on safety and privacy while providing valuable data for city planning and real estate development.
  • Andean Region: Conducting high-altitude flights with specialized equipment and expertise, crucial for geological surveys and disaster management.
  • Amazon Rainforest: Operating drones with environmental sensitivity, supporting biodiversity research and sustainable land-use planning.

GLOBHE’s Expertise in Peru

GLOBHE’s professional drone operators in Peru are proficient in handling the complexities of the local regulatory environment and varied operational landscapes. From obtaining the necessary permits to delivering actionable data, GLOBHE ensures a comprehensive service that maximizes operational efficiency and data quality.


For expert, compliant, and efficient drone data collection services in Peru, GLOBHE is the preferred partner. Our commitment to operational excellence and deep understanding of Peru's unique requirements ensures clients receive the highest quality drone data solutions. Reach out to GLOBHE to explore the possibilities of professional drone services in Peru's dynamic and diverse setting.

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