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Switzerland based Drone Operators are now available in the Globhe Marketplace Platform.

Globhe makes is easy and secure to hire a local, professional and vetted drone operator or drone service provider directly from anywhere, including Switzerland
Simply register your company with the Globhe Platform and task a drone to collect the drone data you need. Fast, simple and intuitive. We take care of all flight permissions, licenses and liabilities. Your truly global marketplace for on-demand drone data.

Information about drone operations in Switzerland

Switzerland's varied topography, from the Swiss Alps to its cities known for precision and innovation, provides an ideal environment for the utilization of drone technology. GLOBHE is committed to delivering superior drone data collection services, adhering to Switzerland's stringent aviation regulations, and catering to the country's high standards in sectors like environmental conservation, urban planning, and infrastructure.

Compliance with Swiss Drone Regulations

The Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) regulates the use of drones to ensure safe integration into Switzerland's airspace. GLOBHE’s operations in Switzerland conform to FOCA’s comprehensive regulations, which include:

  • Registration of drones, particularly those over a certain weight or equipped with cameras.
  • Clear guidelines on no-fly zones, especially around airports, military bases, and sensitive natural areas.
  • Strict privacy laws, requiring careful planning of operations to prevent unauthorized data collection.

Tailored Drone Applications for Swiss Sectors

GLOBHE’s drone services in Switzerland are meticulously designed to support various sectors:

  • Environmental Monitoring: Utilizing drones for precision data collection in environmental conservation efforts, particularly in Alpine and forested regions.
  • Infrastructure: Supporting Switzerland's infrastructure with drones capable of detailed inspections, contributing to maintenance and development projects.
  • Tourism: Enhancing the promotion of Switzerland's tourist destinations through captivating aerial imagery that showcases the country's natural beauty.
  • Agriculture: Using drones to aid in sustainable agricultural practices and land management across Swiss cantons.

Customized Drone Operations for Switzerland’s Regions

Drone operations in Switzerland are specifically tailored to suit regional requirements:

  • Urban Centers: In cities like Zurich and Geneva, drone flights are coordinated to assist with development projects, ensuring minimal disruption and adherence to stringent urban regulations.
  • Mountainous Areas: Utilizing drones equipped for high-altitude flights, providing services for environmental studies, search and rescue, and winter sports facilities.
  • Rural Cantons: Supporting agricultural communities with drones that aid in optimizing resources and monitoring crops and vineyards.

GLOBHE’s Expertise in Switzerland

GLOBHE’s team of certified drone operators in Switzerland is well-versed in the technical, regulatory, and logistical aspects of drone flights in the country. We manage the entire operation process, from securing permissions to processing and delivering high-quality data, ensuring services that meet the precise needs of Swiss clients.


For expert, regulation-compliant drone data services in Switzerland, GLOBHE stands as a leading provider. Our commitment to precision, compliance, and efficiency ensures clients benefit from the highest standard of drone data solutions. Reach out to GLOBHE to explore the full capabilities of professional drone services in Switzerland's diverse and demanding environment.

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