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The Gambia

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Information about drone operations in The Gambia

The Gambia, with its unique geographical setting marked by the Gambia River and its surrounding landscapes, presents both challenges and opportunities for innovative drone applications. GLOBHE is a leader in providing advanced drone data collection services tailored to meet The Gambia's specific regulatory and developmental needs.

Compliant Drone Operations in The Gambia

The Gambia Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) is responsible for regulating the airspace, including the use of drones. GLOBHE's operations are fully compliant with GCAA regulations, ensuring safe and legal drone flights across the country. The key aspects of compliance include:

  • Registration and identification of all drones.
  • Certification of drone pilots.
  • Observance of no-fly zones, particularly in proximity to the airport and sensitive areas.

Drone Utilization in Various Gambian Sectors

GLOBHE's expertise in drone technology opens up a multitude of possibilities across various sectors in The Gambia:

  • Agriculture: With a significant portion of the population engaged in farming, drones offer solutions for crop monitoring and pest control, optimizing yields in The Gambia's agricultural sector.
  • Tourism: Drones contribute to the promotion of The Gambia as a tourist destination through stunning aerial photography and videography of its beaches and natural reserves.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Given The Gambia's vulnerability to climate change, drones play a crucial role in environmental protection, wildlife conservation, and monitoring changes in the riverine ecosystem.
  • Infrastructure and Urban Development: Drones aid in planning and surveying infrastructure projects, especially in rapidly developing urban areas like Banjul.

Addressing The Gambia's Regional Drone Requirements

The Gambia's distinct regions necessitate a tailored approach to drone deployment:

  • Greater Banjul Area: Drone operations focus on urban development, traffic management, and supporting municipal services.
  • Upriver Regions: Drones support agricultural practices and facilitate access to remote communities for health and educational services.
  • Coastal Areas: Emphasizing on tourism and conservation, drone flights in these regions are sensitive to the ecological and commercial significance of The Gambia's coastline.

GLOBHE’s Commitment in The Gambia

GLOBHE has established a network of certified and experienced drone operators within The Gambia, adept at meeting the specific challenges presented by the country's geography and regulatory framework. We handle every facet of drone operations, from the initial planning stages to the final delivery of actionable data, ensuring that each project aligns with The Gambia's developmental goals.


Engaging with GLOBHE for drone services in The Gambia means partnering with a team that's committed to delivering top-tier, compliant, and efficient drone data solutions. Our understanding of the Gambian context, combined with our technological expertise, makes us the go-to partner for any entity looking to utilize drone technology in The Gambia. Contact GLOBHE today to learn how our drone services can support your initiatives in this vibrant West African nation.

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