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Welcome to Globhe's expert drone operators in Tonga

At Globhe, we are excited to bring our world-class drone services to Tonga, connecting you with a network of local, professional, and thoroughly vetted drone operators and pilots. Our commitment to excellence guarantees that each project we undertake adheres to the highest standards of safety, compliance, and quality.

Local Expertise, Global Reach

Globhe's network of drone operators is unrivaled globally. Our professional crowddroners are not just experts in drone technology; they also possess a comprehensive understanding of Tonga's distinct geography and cultural nuances. This local knowledge enables us to offer drone services that are perfectly suited to the unique demands of this stunning archipelago.

Compliance and Expertise in Every Flight

Navigating Tonga's drone regulations requires expertise, and with Globhe, you are in safe hands. Our operators are thoroughly familiar with local laws, ensuring every flight is compliant. Some of the general guidelines in Tonga include:

  • No flying over people or crowds
  • Ensuring privacy and obtaining necessary permissions for photography
  • Daylight and good weather flying only
  • Avoidance of sensitive areas, including military and governmental facilities

For commercial drone operations, Globhe assists in acquiring the necessary permits from Tonga’s Aviation Authority, ensuring full compliance with local laws and regulations.

Your Trusted Partner in Drone Data Collection

In the realm of drone data collection, trust is crucial, and Globhe is dedicated to earning and maintaining yours. We conduct missions safely and in strict adherence to Tonga's regulations so you can focus on your project's success without any concerns. Our commitment to operational excellence and data security makes us the ideal partner for all your drone data needs, regardless of the application.

A Legacy of Innovation in Drone Data Collection

Globhe’s history in drone data collection is distinguished by innovation and excellence. Our global experience enriches every project in Tonga. From environmental monitoring to urban planning, our expertise ensures that we are the go-to partner for anyone seeking professional drone services.

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