GLOBHE ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Policy applied to Clients/Partners/Investors

Globhe, short for Global Health, has a vision to one day picture a thriving planet with thriving communities. A collective movement pushing for progress, rooted in the belief that data is a cornerstone of creating a habitable world for all. By collecting data at global scale, that shows the status quo of reality, and making it accessible to decision makers, we are playing an important role in making sure more sustainable decisions for people and the planet can be made. In addition we help organizations reduce their carbon footprint by switching from gasoline powered data collection tools (such as airplanes and helicopters) to battery driven drones.

Our vision allows us to work with clients/partners/investors who share our belief or with clients/partners/investors who are not working against this belief. In general this means, as outlined in our Terms and Conditions, that Globhe is not to be used for military activities or other, in the reasonable opinion of us, harmful activities. Harmful activities include entering into agreement with clients in climate adverse sectors including mining, oil and gas. An exception to this rule might apply if the client active in this sector is working towards improved sustainability and less emissions of carbon dioxide than status quo. These exceptions are to be determined on a case by case basis after review and might be denied. This means that clients placing orders through the Globhe marketplace might get approval for certain orders while others might be declined. See example orders below for guidance: 

  • Client order within climate sector (e.g. renewable energy, reforestation, carbon sequestration) = APPROVED
  • Client order within non climate sector but within non directly climate adverse sector (e.g. telecommunications, AI/ML, critical infrastructure)  = APPROVED
  • Client order within directly climate adverse sector (e.g. mining, oil, gas) = FOR REVIEW* with high risk of being DENIED unless exceptions are met; such as oil spill needing monitoring to reduce risk on environment/society. 

At Globhe we always strive to meet the needs of our clients as well as the needs of our planet. This means we sometimes redirect “reviewed” client orders to our partner network to find the best solution if it’s not within the Globhe scope.