5 Benefits of Crowddroning
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GLOBHE's Crowddroning is actively engaging the industry by enabling drone solutions to be flexible by location and expertise, and providing opportunities for both drone pilots and clients globally while maintaining our drones for good mission.
Matilda Waara Holmqvist
Head of Marketing GLOBHE
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5 Benefits of Crowddroning

The evolution of drone technology has come a far way when looking back only within the last decade, even more so if you backtrack to the first rocket or balloon that took off on a mission to collect data. In my own experience in the unmanned industry, I’ve launched over 20 different types of drones to identify new use cases to simplify, improve, and empower other industries. Today the drone industry constantly pushes the envelope by introducing new products and applications. GLOBHE’s Crowddroning is no exception to this rapidly booming development. As a drone pilot and client, here are five reasons why Crowddroning is the key to creating a better future with drones.

1. Pilots on the Road vs. Pilots in the Neighborhood

While drone pilots share similar workflows regardless of where they're based geographically, every pilot has their own preference in regards to operating locally, regionally, nationally, globally (and well, maybe one day over the moon and beyond). Travel is often a requirement in working as a drone pilot, whether you love it or hate it, it depends on what kind of lifestyle you lead and the flexibility that suits your needs. I have enjoyed being the type of drone pilot working for companies that coordinated global deployments for many exciting projects, but the travel often took a toll and led to minimal control over my own schedule and travel itinerary. (Admittedly it's a great privilege to have traveled, but at times it comes with a cost). With GLOBHE’s Crowddroning, drone pilots are able to take control of their schedule and location preference to decide how much of a jet setter or neighborhood pilot you want to be.

2. A Thousand Experts is Greater Than One Know-It-All

The growing amount of applications and the expertise needed to understand how to capture, process, and deliver aerial data means that there is no person or organization that can act as an expert in everything (unless you have a human wikipedia in the field of course). Surface level expertise goes a far way, but understanding an application in-depth means being able to provide higher quality deliverables. With Crowddroning, each pilot brings their own expertise to the table which in turn means happy clients that receive a job well done. Pilots are also able to grow their portfolio and knowledge of new applications by being part of Crowddroning.

3. Bringing the Gig Economy to a Drone Near You

It’s no secret that traditional workplaces have begun to fade in demand as the gig economy grows in popularity. The pandemic provided an additional push for jobseekers to get creative as offices and industries faced major changes. The opportunities of a gig economy allow freelancers with special skills or in-betweeners that can do a bit of anything to be able to fill in the gaps of demand around society. It’s for anyone anywhere, regardless of your background or situation. Even my grandmother signed up as an Uber driver to balance the retired life with something that didn’t entail a fixed schedule. Crowddroning offers a market for drone pilots to join the era of gig workers and dust off the drone that could be out there contributing to the world. It’s a key opportunity for the skilled expert, the self-employed, the part-time worker, or the hobbyist with extra time on their hands.

4. Hmm, How do I Find Drone Solutions Near Me?

If you are looking for drone solutions in your organization and you are not involved in drones, you may find yourself lost in the vast cyberspace of quadcopters, software programs, regulatory authorities, finding licensed pilots and more. To save you the time and headache of navigating this jungle, Crowddroning is your solution! Clients of Crowddroning are able to send a request with a description of their needs, in turn, GLOBHE coordinates and provides a suitable solution. GLOBHE’s Crowddroning network offers a variety of solutions meaning you don’t have to invest in the purchase and training of your own drone.

5. Sustainability, One Flight at a Time

As the world has shifted towards electric vehicles and sustainable go-green methods in the era of Fridays for Future, it’s the little things that add up to collectively make a difference. Drones are a friendly alternative to fuel-powered aircraft, but as mentioned earlier many pilots are constantly on the move to arrive at their next gig. In addition to GLOBHE’s mission in using drones for good, Crowddroning is a solution that helps the effort of reducing emissions by utilizing local pilots when possible instead of deploying persons abroad.

In summary, GLOBHE's Crowddroning is actively engaging the industry by enabling drone solutions to be flexible by location and expertise, and providing opportunities for both drone pilots and clients globally while maintaining our drones for good mission.

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