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Cloudeo, the one-stop shop for geospatial solutions, partners up with drone-as-a-service company Globhe to move beyond satellite and aerial to also include drone data.
Emilia Nygren
Head of PR & Communications
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Cloudeo expands with drone data from Globhe

Cloudeo, the one-stop shop for geospatial solutions, partners up with drone-as-a-service company Globhe to move beyond satellite and aerial to also include drone data. The expanded offering enables Cloudeo to offer a full spectrum of earth observation data and enhance the quality and accuracy of insights to organizations.

“Crowddroning by Globhe is in high demand by our customers, since drone data can strengthen the value of Earth observation imagery due to their exquisite level of spatial detail. This partnership is a major step towards providing holistic solutions and helps monitor remote areas of interest, like croplands, forests, coastal and inland waters, as well as buildings, vessels, and aircrafts in a cost-effective and smooth way,” says Dr. Manfred Krischke, CEO of Cloudeo.

The partnership with Globhe means organizations can aggregate satellite imagery and drone data into their daily operations and take direct action to mitigate risks, plan their operations, and estimate projections for the future.

Revolutionizing earth observation

The crowddroning platform from Globhe connects over 6500 drone operators in 131 countries to global clients, providing imagery of up to 1 cm pixel resolution. Together with Cloudeo, the company can offer ultra-high-resolution drone imagery to more industries through its vast geospatial partner ecosystem.

“It is really a win-win partnership where we can offer unique data at centimeter scale to organizations, revolutionizing the earth observation industry. Complementing satellite data on Cloudeo’s platform with drone data is the key to understanding the needs of our world today, and this partnership creates the synergy needed in the industry,” says Markku Koivisto, CBDO at Globhe.

Drone data from Globe will also be integrated into answr, the API-based platform from Cloudeo, focused on delivering risk analytics, forecasting, and near real-time damage assessment globally.

“Globhe's experience in drone operations and ultra-high resolution data collection will help us enhance the quality and accuracy of the insights provided by our answr-platform. It will enable organizations to make better decisions and achieve better outcomes, no matter if the focus is on flood, wildfires, drought, hail, and other hazards monitoring,” says Dr. Manfred Krischke, CEO of Cloudeo.

GLOBHE Products in Cloudeo marketplace:

1. GLOBHE – Subscription
Access the latest drone data products and services of up to 1cm spatial resolution quickly and easily, without costly equipment or technical expertise, at a fixed monthly or yearly rate. (  

2. GLOBHE - Drone Tasking
Custom drone tasking services for ultra-high-resolution imagery, thermal imaging, plant health maps, and many more, with access to over 6,500 local drone operators in 131 countries for quick drone mapping solutions! (

3. GLOBHE - Data Library
Get access to ultra-high-resolution imagery, digital elevation models, thermal imaging, plant health maps, and over 70TB of archive drone data. (

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PR & Communications Manager
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Globhe is leading organizations to make better decisions through drone data. The company offers organizations accurate and actionable drone data from anywhere in the world, through a single platform. Globhe's platform is a leading curated marketplace connecting local drone operators with organizations needing drone data of the highest quality standard. By creating the sharpest view of reality, Globhe enriches our communities and impacts our planet. For more information, please visit

About Cloudeo AG:

Cloudeo operates a unique, data-agnostic market platform connecting customers with professional geoinformation services from over 60 national and international providers. The platform offers high-res imagery, 3D terrain models, thematic maps, sensor data, and software packages for processing. Cloudeo is a solution to a fragmented industry with high entry barriers and hosts one of the largest portfolios of satellite and aerial imagery in the industry. Learn more at

Additionally, Cloudeo develops in-house solutions for targeted markets, including the brand-new analytics platform, answr ( Answr provides advanced risk and forecasting analytics for climate hazards and other extreme events by processing complex geospatial data. It is designed for governments, insurance, real estate, renewable energy, and green tech companies and integrates directly with asset management software and ERP systems.

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