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Globhe's on-demand marketplace for drone data has been honored as one of the 50 Actionistas by COP28, underscoring our impactful role in environmental sustainability. This recognition highlights our commitment to global health and environmental protection initiatives.
Andreas Nordansjö
Chief Marketing Officer
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Globhe's Drone Data Marketplace Recognized by COP28, Empowering Environmental Change

GLOBHE's Drone Data Marketplace has been recognized as one of COP28's 50 Actionistas, highlighting our dedication to building a better planet for all. Our marketplace leverages crowdsourced professional drone operators to drive transformative projects, showcasing our commitment to shaping a sustainable future.

Visit the Official COP28 project page for GLOBHE here.

Our work spans a wide range of initiatives, from responding to natural disasters, to creating digital twins, monitoring wildlife and supporting reforestation efforts. Each project underlines our role in making a significant environmental impact. For instance, in the wake of flooding disasters, our crowddroners have been instrumental in mapping high-risk areas, accelerating response times, and aiding in crucial search and rescue operations. Our capabilities has not only proven vital in crisis situations but also in planning and prevention, helping communities and organizations stay ahead of natural disasters.

Jacob Waluza, one of Globhe's nearly 10,000 Crowddroners, in action in Lilongwe, Malawi.

The core of our innovation lies in the drone data marketplace. Here, we create synergies between the need for accurate, timely environmental data and local, professional, drone operators with a wealth of experience, collecting data that matters.

Our marketplace acts as a foundational platform for collecting data, and a community of change-makers united by the shared goal of a healthier planet. By connecting organizations with essential environmental data, we're fostering a collaborative, local approach to tackling global challenges.

Our CEO, Helena Samsioe, emphasizes the moral and business imperative of addressing today's global challenges. This belief is a guiding principle for Globhe and a call to action. Each drone flight, every digital twin, every dataset, every client and all our partnerships are steps toward a larger goal – a habitable, thriving planet for all. Being recognized by COP28 is an honor, and it's a reaffirmation of the path we've chosen.

We celebrate this recognition with energy fueled towards speeding up our efforts in creating a better future. A future where technology continues to break barriers, where data drives decisions for the betterment of our environment, and where collaborations lead to new solutions. Join us on this journey, as we continue to fly towards a brighter, healthier world.

Visit the Official COP28 project page for GLOBHE here.

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