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Data center construction is surging due to digital transformation and AI demands. Drones are now used to monitor these developments in Northern Europe via a partnership between DroneDeploy and Globhe. DroneDeploy provides reality capture, while Globhe offers a drone data marketplace. Their collaboration, backed by a rise in data center construction, aims to enhance global site mapping and inspection using drone data.
Andreas Nordansjö
Chief Marketing Officer
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Following the AI boom, drones are monitoring the building of new data centers across Northern Europe.

The world is witnessing an all time high of data center construction as a result of the growing digital transformation and computing-power demands for artificial intelligence. Drones are now being used to monitor data center developments in Northern Europe through a unique partnership by DroneDeploy and Globhe.

DroneDeploy, the leading aerial and ground reality capture platform, is working with Globhe, the largest drone data marketplace, to make drone pilots available on demand for their customers. Starting with data centers in Northern Europe, the two firms are beginning to work on a partnership to help develop and support more of this infrastructure throughout the rest of the world. 

The world is witnessing a boom in data centers as a result of the growing digital transformation and computing-power demands for artificial intelligence. According to CBRE, a 46% year-over-year increase was seen in 2023, with 2024 having even bigger numbers in the scope.

“We are making remote inspections at scale possible by having organizations tap into drones around the world through one interface. The partnership with DroneDeploy makes a lot of sense since it’s the leading software used by the majority of our drone operators and we look forward to exploring further benefits to clients, operators and our planet together,” says Helena Samsioe, Founder and CEO Globhe. 

Through Globhe over 11,000 local drone operators in 147 countries are being tasked with mapping and inspection of sites, many who are using the DroneDeploy software for the data capture. The new partnership is revolutionizing how organizations seamlessly integrate data from drones in their planning, monitoring and evaluation.

“At DroneDeploy, we believe a rising tide lifts all boats. We’re excited to work with Globhe and other data capture partners to support our customers in getting valuable data and to support the changing infrastructure landscape around the world.” - Brooks Allwardt 


GLOBHE is a global marketplace for drone data on demand.  Crowddroning® by Globhe matches organizations with professional drone operators in 147 countries and counting, providing them with the sharpest view of reality. Globhe, short for Global Health, has a vision to one day picture a thriving planet with thriving communities. For more information visit

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