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Forestmatic and Globhe have forged a strategic partnership to revolutionize forest ecosystem restoration and monitoring. Utilizing advanced MRV systems, drone technology, and data-driven insights, the collaboration enhances transparency and efficiency in measuring the impacts of reforestation and corporate investments.
Andreas Nordansjö
Chief Marketing Officer
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Forestmatic and Globhe Join Forces to Revolutionize Forest Ecosystem Restoration Through Innovative Partnership

Forestmatic, a pioneering tech startup in the field of reforestation & digital monitoring, reporting and verification (dMRV) is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Globhe, a leading force in drone technology for social and environmental good. This collaboration aims to reshape the landscape of forest ecosystem restoration, by leveraging state-of-the-art technology and data-driven insights, marking a significant leap forward in understanding the true impact of corporate investment in reforestation with transparency at the core. Forestmatic's groundbreaking approach aligns perfectly with Globhe's global marketplace coverage and expertise in drone data technology. 

One of the central pillars of this partnership is the development of an advanced MRV system, where Forestmatic's specialized forest monitoring software introduces high accuracy dataprovided by Globhe's crowdsourced drone marketplace. By utilizing drones equipped with high-resolution cameras and advanced sensors, the partnership aims to provide real-time, accurate data on biomass, carbon, and biodiversity, while providing users with unprecedented access to forest indicators. 

As a highlight of this partnership, the first release of two distinct planting sites within the Forestmatic portfolio is already available: one in the lush landscapes of Uganda, and the other in the north of Spain, undergoing certification from the Spanish Government (MITECO). Users of the app have access to real-time, high-resolution data on the evolution of ecosystem indicators after tree planting, providing a unique understanding of the impact of reforestation efforts.

"Our collaboration with Globhe marks an exciting milestone in our journey, introducing our concept of proof-of-survival with visual accuracy made publicly available to any and all of our clients and their stakeholders” said Alexander Verresen, Founder and CEO of Forestmatic. "Through our innovative approach, we are not only redefining forest monitoring but also revolutionizing our comprehension of ecosystem indicators post-tree planting operations."

"We are thrilled to partner with Forestmatic and their mission to scale data collection globally. Forestmatic’s app perfectly aligns with Globhe’s mission to lead organizations into making better decisions through drone data creating thriving communities” says Andreas Nordansjö, CMO at Globhe. “By tapping into local and professional drone operators Forestmatic now minimizes traveling and shipping, helping build local communities and capture the data sustainably.” .”

The Forestmatic-Globhe partnership introduces an innovative application harnessing the power of proof-of-planting and proof-of-survival, Forestmatic and Globhe are on a mission to catalyze a new era of informed decision-making and impactful ecosystem restoration interventions for the benefit of our planet.

For media inquiries, please contact:

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About Forestmatic:

Forestmatic is a B2B data-driven digital solution operating within the Sustainability industry, empowering brands & businesses to seamlessly and transparently invest in high-impact nature-based solutions across the globe in alignment with sustainability agendas and climate-action goals. Unlike other services, Forestmatic provides assessment, proof of planting via geotagged images of every tree planted, proof of survival via drone footage, and near real-time monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) via corporate impact profiles.

About Globhe:

Globhe is a pioneering global marketplace that empowers organizations to scale drone data collection worldwide through an innovative platform. We specialize in delivering precise and actionable drone data from every corner of the world, accessible seamlessly through our unified platform in mere seconds. Globhe's state-of-the-art platform serves as the foremost curated global marketplace, currently connecting over 9,000 professional and local drone operators spanning 137 countries.

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