GLOBHE Takes Center Stage at COP28
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In a decisive moment for climate action, GLOBHE stands at the forefront of environmental innovation. Set to be featured at COP28, GLOBHE's marketplace model revolutionizes how drone data empowers global decision-making. This showcase is a pivotal point, marking a new era in scalable, data-driven solutions for a sustainable future. GLOBHE's approach is a game-changer, proving that collective action can lead to significant global impact.
Andreas Nordansjö
Chief Marketing Officer
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GLOBHE's Innovative Marketplace Takes Center Stage at COP28, Impacting Millions Globally

Stockholm, November 21, 2023 – GLOBHE, the leading global marketplace for drone data, is set to showcase how they have impacted over 60 million people and their surrounding environment during COP28 under the Actionism theme. This prestigious selection highlights action makers and lifts forward GLOBHE's contributions to climate monitoring and disaster response through its unique platform, connecting decision-makers to local and professional drone operators in 142 countries.

Helena Samsioe, CEO and Founder of GLOBHE asserts: "We see our participation in COP28 as a way to accelerate action. With GLOBHE, we didn't just create a company; we sparked a global movement. Our marketplace, fueled by crowdsourced drone operators, has been pivotal in driving scalable and data-driven environmental solutions. This is all about harnessing collective power for a cause that transcends borders – the health of our planet."

GLOBHE's model stands out in the tech world for its innovative use of a crowdsourced network, a platform marketplace connecting nearly 10,000 professional drone operators in 142 countries. This approach has not only positioned GLOBHE at the forefront of the drone data industry but also as a vital player in the global fight against climate change.

Samsioe adds: "At GLOBHE, we understand the urgency of now. Every data point we gather, every insight we provide, is a step towards a more sustainable world. Our impact is measurable, and our reach is global – all through one platform. This is how we're changing the game in climate tech."

GLOBHE’s selection for COP28's Actionism theme is a clarion call for world leaders and decision-makers. Our platform is a testament to the impact of global collaboration in climate action, connecting the latest drone technology to decision-makers at the United Nations, World Bank, and some of our world’s most notable corporations in renewable energy, infrastructure, climate, and AI. 

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Andreas Nordansjö, Chief Marketing Officer at GLOBHE



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