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Globhe's marketplace is reshaping AI and ML in geospatial analytics by providing crucial drone data for sectors like forestry and energy. Partnering with leaders like ArboAir and MIT, Globhe delivers high-quality image data, vital for enhancing AI algorithms. This collaboration enables precise analytics and efficient scaling for AI-driven analytics companies, addressing the technical demands for quality data in a rapidly expanding AI image analytics market. Globhe stands out for its global scale data collection and its contribution to the accuracy and reliability of geospatial analysis.
Andreas Nordansjö
Chief Marketing Officer
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Globhe’s marketplace powering AI-driven image analytics for inspection and monitoring globally

Right now, Globhe’s marketplace is sending out drones to collect data for software companies focusing on AI and ML across the globe.

An increasing number of AI-driven analytics companies for geospatial insights in niche verticals such as forestry, wind, and solar energy, all rely heavily on AI Image detection and classification to speed up and increase the quality of work. Globhe marketplace is currently providing the training and inspection data sets to the major players in AI-driven analytics for companies such as ArboAir, MIT and many others.

Left: AI-driven inspection of electric utility transmission line | Right: AI-driven analytics of Forests for tree classification

“At Arboair, we've experienced firsthand the critical role high-quality data plays in the effectiveness of AI-driven image analytics. Our collaboration with Globhe has been a game-changer, providing a scalable solution for precise and detailed imagery anywhere, essential for our algorithms.” Jacob Hjalmarsson, Arboair, explains. “This partnership both enhances our analytical capabilities and empowers our SaaS solution to scale efficiently allowing our clients to automatically access both the data and analysis at the same time and, in the end, deliver more accurate and reliable solutions in geospatial analysis."

Globhe Marketplace Standardizing and Scaling Drone Data Collection Globally

The AI image analytics market for inspection and monitoring, a rapidly evolving segment of the tech industry, is marked by significant developments and challenges. The growth is fueled by the increasing adoption of AI technologies in sectors such as infrastructure, utilities, insurance, retail, and climate but the challenges are derived from being able to acquire data of enough quality. Globhe’s marketplace tackles these challenges head-on by utilizing local and professional drone operators, at unprecedented scale globally together with AI SaaS solution making it easier to collect data of the right quality.

The data requirements are often very technical and specific and require uniformity throughout the entire cycle, whatever drone, what location, or who operated the drone - therefore a marketplace model with quality assurance, uniformity, and workflow management is key in AI Image Recognition.

The success and accuracy of these systems are deeply intertwined with the quality of the base layer data, underscoring the importance of solutions like those offered by Globhe in this evolving tech landscape.

About the AI-driven image analytics market

The AI-driven image analytics market is rapidly pivoting, marking a groundbreaking development in the tech industry. With a projected market value of $21.07 billion by 2030, its rapid expansion is a testament to the increasing reliance on AI in various sectors for advanced automation, inspection, monitoring, and GIS insights.

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