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Globhe's marketplace has enabled a client to rapidly scale drone data collection for wind turbine blade inspections across 8 countries, streamlining the process to just minutes for scheduling over 300 inspections. This innovation not only marks a significant leap in efficiency and environmental sustainability but also showcases the platform's capacity for global scaling and predictive maintenance through autonomous and AI-enabled technologies.
Andreas Nordansjö
Chief Marketing Officer
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Globhe’s marketplace scaling wind turbine blade inspections globally

One of Globhe’s clients scaled their drone data collection to 8 countries worldwide within a matter of minutes using Globhe's marketplace. That’s the total accumulated time it took to schedule inspections of 300+ wind turbines across 8 countries. 

A client, yet to be disclosed, tasked drones through the Globhe marketplace, using autonomous flight, standardizing data collections ensuring uniform output using local and professional drone operators. This represents a significant efficiency improvement and an environmental win, eliminating the need for clients to dispatch operators globally, ship equipment, and conduct in-person training. All can be done through the Globhe marketplace and virtual training. 

In the sector of wind energy, the critical role of maintaining wind turbine blades for efficient performance is becoming increasingly significant. With a whopping 400’000 wind turbines in the world - and growing rapidly - they all need inspections done at least once a year. Globhe, the on-demand drone data marketplace, has made a notable impact by expanding its services to inspect wind rotor blades globally. Now, anyone looking for inspections locally can task drones through the platform. 

Autonomous capture of the wind turbine blade allows global scaling of rotor blade inspection.

Safety, efficiency, and environmental friendliness are the pillars of Globhe's data collection. These inspections enable frequent and detailed examinations of turbine blades, which are crucial for detecting potential issues and conducting proactive maintenance. This approach ensures the longevity and performance of the turbines and contributes to the sustainability of renewable energy systems.

Napoleon Bergström, COO at Globhe, highlights the company's achievement in offering a drone solution that is scalable and accessible worldwide “The ease of use of our platform, enabling our clients to access drone services with just a few clicks, is a testament to Globhe's commitment to innovation and customer convenience.”

Globhe's solution integrates drone data collection with analytics tools and reports, offering a complete package for predictive maintenance on rotor blades. The use of automated and AI-enabled processes makes Globhe's solution one of the most effective in the market for any company performing rotor blade inspections.

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