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GLOBHE's Drone Data Archive aligns with the EU's new AI Act, offering ethical, high-quality data for AI development. It bridges the gap between innovation and regulation, empowering developers to create AI solutions that are both groundbreaking and compliant.
Andreas Nordansjö
Chief Marketing Officer
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How GLOBHE's Drone Data Archive Complements the AI Act

Ethical and High-Quality Data

In line with the AI Act's emphasis on data quality and ethical considerations, GLOBHE's Drone Data Archive provides a rich resource for AI training data that is both diverse and of high quality. This ensures that AI models trained with this data are robust, reliable, and aligned with the ethical standards emphasized by the EU. GLOBHE's commitment to responsible data collection practices guarantees that the data used in AI systems respects privacy and consent, addressing key concerns of the AI Act regarding data ethics.

Supporting High-Risk AI Applications

For high-risk AI applications, the AI Act requires rigorous testing, documentation, and human oversight​​. GLOBHE's drone data, with its detailed imagery and comprehensive environmental insights, offers an invaluable resource for developers in sectors such as agriculture, urban planning, forestry and environmental monitoring. By providing data that enhances the accuracy and reliability of AI models, GLOBHE supports the development and deployment of AI systems that adhere to the Act's stringent requirements for high-risk applications.

Over 7TB of data in the Globhe Drone Data Archive

Transparency and Documentation

The AI Act mandates transparent AI practices, including clear documentation of AI systems' data sources and methodologies​​. GLOBHE's transparent data collection and processing practices align with this requirement, offering detailed metadata and documentation that support the transparent development and deployment of AI models. This level of transparency ensures compliance with the AI Act, fostering trust and accountability in AI systems used across the EU.

Fostering Innovation Within Compliance

As the AI Act seeks to balance innovation with regulation​​, GLOBHE's Drone Data Archive emerges as a catalyst for both. By providing access to a diverse range of high-quality drone data, GLOBHE enables developers to explore new applications and solutions within the safe and ethical boundaries set by the Act. This not only supports the EU's vision for a digital future that respects fundamental rights but also opens up new avenues for innovation in AI.


As the EU AI Act ushers in a new era of AI regulation, GLOBHE's Drone Data Archive stands as a testament to the power of ethical, high-quality training data in driving responsible AI development. By aligning with the Act's requirements and principles, GLOBHE not only facilitates compliance but also empowers developers to harness AI's full potential for the betterment of society. In the evolving landscape of AI regulation, GLOBHE's commitment to quality, ethics, and innovation positions it as a valuable partner for businesses and developers looking to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the AI Act.

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