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In an era where detailed mapping of the physical environment is paramount, the race to harness and analyze geospatial data is being led by industry behemoths like Google, Meta, Apple, Microsoft, and NASA, alongside the innovative efforts of Globhe. With a focus on sustainability and high-resolution data collection, Globhe's marketplace emerges as a pivotal player in the global data ecosystem, offering on-demand drone data services.
Andreas Nordansjö
Chief Marketing Officer
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Industry giants are coming together to map the world and Globhe is adding a crucial piece to the puzzle

Mapping the physical environment in detail has become crucial to society. Right now, organizations such as Google, Meta, Apple, Microsoft, and NASA are accelerating their efforts to collect and analyze geospatial data at scale. Traditional data layers (from satellite to street view) are being increasingly supplemented with high-resolution data from drones at a global scale. Globhe, a leading marketplace for on-demand drone data, plays a pivotal role, in collecting data across the globe.

Over the past months, the Globhe marketplace has added classified applications and done live tests for more than one of the industry giants. The goal is to go live later this year, “We are excited to talk about it, as soon as we can go public with the projects”, says Andreas Nordansjö, CMO at Globhe. “Launching satellites and flying planes pollutes the planet, and is adding more debris and junk up in space, which is not a sustainable solution” he goes on. “The big players are actively looking for alternatives to geospatial data, and drones are the obvious choice. For instance, Google is already phasing out the use of airplanes in favor of more sustainable options”.

Left: 3D Point Cloud generated from LiDAR drone data. Right: Wind turbine blades need inspection yearly at a minimum.

The need for high-resolution, global-scale data is driven by several factors. Climate change, urbanization, electrification, and resource depletion are all putting increased pressure on our planet. Accurate information has become essential for developing sustainable solutions, preventing disasters, and building sustainable infrastructure.

“The integration of high-resolution drone data is revolutionizing our approach to geospatial mapping and environmental analysis. In a world facing the challenges of climate change and rapid urbanization, the capability to gather detailed, real-time data from drones is invaluable,” says Karin Hollerbach, who recently focused on the development of ConOps for data services together with NASA’s Data & Reasoning Fabric (DRF) project. “Globhe's platform is a game-changer in this field, making this vital data easily accessible through its innovative marketplace. Their work not only simplifies data acquisition but also amplifies our ability to make informed decisions for sustainable development and disaster prevention” she continues.

Globhe's marketplace is unique in its ability to provide this data automatically to any big software company through APIs. For GIS and BIM-related software, high-quality base layer data is a prerequisite, and Globhe is the ultimate marketplace for data collection. This means that businesses and organizations can easily access the benefits of integrating high-resolution drone mapping data without the hassle of acquiring and managing their drones.

Andreas Nordansjö

Chief Marketing Officer, Globhe

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